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The Dream Begins!

Its that time of the year again!

Back on this date a couple of years ago, I remember driving back to Chandigarh from Rishikesh with my friends after an awesome time. Spent a couple of days along the banks of river Ganga, totally cut off from the outside world — yes no mobile connection as well. This trip was one to remember because what followed next was unexpected and inevitable.

Overwhelmed from the work and the company environment I used to work in, I was swamped under pressure. I had resigned a month ago and had just finished serving my notice period. At that time, starting a company was never “The Dream”. Travelling, carrying a laptop and a dongle around, working and taking things on the go — was all what I had wished for myself.

I remember attending my convocation right after. The very idea of quitting a reasonable decent paying job of a Business Process Analyst and doing something crazily stupid (well, I was socially unemployed! Wasn’t I?) was unacceptable by everyone around me. For my friends, teachers, and most of the relatives, it was an “earth-shattering” news. Being an entrepreneur may sound like a ‘HOT’ thing in today’s scenario, but it wasn’t really the same two years ago.

So there I stood, “jobless” (not entrepreneur yet) and after some “motivating” (note: sarcasm) advice from friends and teachers at college, a break from home was long due.

Rishikesh was FUN! An exciting rafting experience, a peaceful evening at the river camp, and a night of endless alcohol to finally get done with whatever negativity that was blocking my thought process. The very next day, we drove back for Chandigarh.

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Still having a hangover after the last night, I remember sitting at the back seat, with the restlessness of my life riding in my mind. However, the mood had definitely changed. The “negativity” had changed to “anger”, which soon led to “urge”, an urge to do something meaningful and substantial. And that’s how the idea of 42Works began to fall in place.

I already had a few projects with me by the time I decided to call it quits at my previous company. It kept me happy, content and occupied for a while. But soon my urge changed to an “impulsive itch” which led me to plan on the other aspects of my new beginning. Branding, thinking about the company name, logo, etc, etc.. had to be done first hand. It’s like yesterday, I was sitting in KFC, Chandigarh with a couple of friends, trying to figure out a name for the company on piles of tissue papers.

And today, exactly 23 months down the line, it’s a proud feeling where 42Works is. We’ve worked on over 100 projects, dealt with 50+ clients from more than 10 countries, have had many ups and downs – mentally and emotionally. Personally, its been a great learning curve, I keep on saying that and I still feel its a long way to go.

The reason why I thought I would share this a month before the company’s second anniversary is because I feel that the wheel has turned one complete circle. There has been a lot of negativity over the last few days, I’ll be very honest about it – too much pressure of work and the feeling of being stuck at a place. Some may call it a coincidence, for me its funny and interesting to find myself in the same situation at the same time of the year. And I had that Rishikesh moment as well.

For what lies ahead are endless possibilities, I feel. There are a lot of interesting things happening at 42Works, and the future ahead could only be bright as we continue to live the dream of learning new things. That’s what keeps me going, and I am sure the team is upbeat about the same as well…

More on what’s in store for 42Works in the next few days, so keep an eye at this space! 🙂

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