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Thoughts We All Have During COVID-19 Lockdown

Everybody has too much time on their hands during the COVID-19 lockdown and it is making people go crazy, as we don’t know what to do anymore. All of the world is at a standstill and that has fired up all sorts of thoughts in people’s minds. 

As everybody is locked up within their houses due to the persistent COVID-19 situation and the national Lockdown. All of this has got FAM42 feeling things and they are here to share it with you!

Lockdown Thoughts

Pinky Promise! 


Every year my resolutions go down the drain, but not this year! I will fulfil my resolutions, or maybe would have fulfilled them if not for the lockdown. 


No! I am not making excuses, pinky promise….


What Does The Fox Say? 


Ever thought how animals stuck in all the zoo parks feel? I guess karma works both ways…


We Are In The Endgame Now 

Modern problems require modern solutions!

Momos are #bae 

I miss momos the most during the COVID-19 lockdown


I zone out everytime I think about Momos and spring rolls!



2020 Is A JEE Topper 


I feel like 2020 is turning out to be everything everybody thought 2012 would be like. It almost feels like 2020 is Sharmaji Ka Ladka! 

Need For Speed 


You want to know how bad the lockdown is? I miss the annoying two-wheeler drivers who zoom past you at lightspeed and startle you to death!

Work From Home 24 Hours


I thought going to the office was tiresome, no I sometimes ironically laugh at that statement. 

I Even Sleep Upside Down

my sleep cycle has turned upside down during the COVID-19 lockdown


What time is it? 

Exercise Is A Must

practice makes perfect!


Thank You

#FAM42 thanks all the medical workers for protecting us during the COVID-19 lockdown


At last #FAM42 will like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the medical professionals and allied services that are working day and night by risking their lives to save ours. We all will be eternally grateful to you all!

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