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COVID-19 Relief Announcement For 42Works Team Members

At 42Works, we have always attempted to be mindful of employee welfare, more so in these trying times of a global pandemic. We understand that it is critical to be in a stress-free environment that gives our team members ample space to take care of themselves and their dear ones. Hence, in continuation to our Employee Health Centric approach introduced last year, we’re initiating a special covid relief package as detailed below –

  • Company-wide COVID-19 Vaccination for all Employees

    42Works has initiated to cover the cost of COVID-19 vaccination for all its employees. Now that everyone over 18 years is eligible for a double-dose shot, let us stay safe by getting vaccinated sooner than later

  • Special Sick Leaves for Employees Contracting COVID-19

    All COVID-19 positive employees shall be entitled to special paid sick leaves on producing a valid medical report. The affected employees are strictly advised to rest and not resume work until they have fully recovered.

  • Advance Salary Disbursement for Employees in Need

    42Works understands and acknowledges the importance of providing financial aid to its team members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the company has decided to provide advance salaries for employees affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

  • COVID-19 Medical-Expenses Cover

    42Works has decided to incur medical expenses (up to Rs.5000 per employee) for employees testing positive for COVID-19. This includes the cost of COVID-19 test, medicines, and/or doctor consultation charges.

The management at 42Works remains committed in its resolve to provide a safe environment and best possible care to all our employees. We hope and pray that we all get through this pandemic safe and healthy!

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