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Reasons Not to Miss Agile Carnival Chandigarh [at any cost]

Have you ever had to delay your product delivery due to lack of communication amongst your team members?
Have you ever had to restart the whole project from scratch because of some unforeseen changes?
If answer to any of the above question is YES, then we think  you need to change your project management strategy. And that is exactly where agile comes into picture.

Agile is a project management method that ensures product delivery in a more efficient and smooth manner. Agile Development is an alternative to other traditional project management methodologies. A set of values that encourages adaptive planning and cross-team interaction.

But what has made agile more successful is that it advocates customer involvement in the development process. Instead of comprehensive documentation, agile claims involvement and participation of client to be important in order to deliver better quality products. See how agile is different from traditional project management methodologies.

Agile methodlogy

Traditional Methodologies vs Agile

Agile offers a lot of benefits over traditional project management methods. Here are few of them:

Customer Participation

Traditional methods begin with documenting customer’s requirement. After that, all parts are developed in sequential order. In agile development, the whole project is divided into small iterations as soon as client’s requirement are noted down. Involvement of customer is considerably high in agile method as customer is kept in loop with development process. Client’s continuous review and feedback are simultaneously taken into account in agile.

Team Participation

Agile and traditional method differ a lot in terms of team involvement. In traditional methods, management tells the team what to do and all other teams have no participation until team A finishes first phase of the project. This results in lot of time wastage and inter-dependence between teams. In agile, project is divided into sub- tasks known as iterations and all iterations are started simultaneously independent of other team’s work.

Customer Satisfaction

In this category, agile outperforms traditional method by a huge margin. As customer is kept in constant touch for continuous suggestions, the quality of product delivered is always upto customer’s expectations. As client’s feedback is instantly worked upon, final product always matches client’s needs.

Resistance to Change

Agile wins hand down in this category too. In traditional methods, if a new feature is to be added at a later stage of development, it would require full revision of work done till now. In agile, frequent project inspections make sure that the required feature is added comfortably with required changes in a small iteration only. Thus, agile methodology is flexible and offers less resistance to change.

We hope we’ve shed some light for you on Agile and its benefits in light of the traditional methods you’ve been using so far. So maybe you ponder over your plan on switching to agile. Well, if you are, we think that would be a foolish decision. Its one thing to know about something and another about implementing it.

Agile Benefits

Implementing agile in your organisation is certainly not a cakewalk. For implementation, you need to know the challenges that will be posed during transitional period. We suggest you get in touch with an agile expert to help you overcome all problems. All you need to know is the process of transforming any organization into agile enterprise. If you’re residing in North India, you need not worry about any of these as the BIGGEST Agile gathering has landed in Chandigarh.

Agile Carnival Chandigarh is the 1st of its kind event happening in Chandigarh with an aim to bring together agile enthusiasts from around the world to share, learn, unlearn, relearn and live the spirit of Agile.

Our organisation takes great pride in being the digital marketing partner of Agile Carnival Chandigarh. From web designing to newspaper ads, we helped them with all and we are glad that our efforts yielded results.

Be a part of this exciting opportunity! Scheduled for 4-5 April at ISB Mohali, this event is embarked with the appearance of giant names like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Infosys, Aricent, RBS and many more. Book your Discount Passes TODAY and win a chance to meet the profound Speakers from around the globe.

The Pass Entails: Two Day Conference Fee | FREE 2-Days Meals | Access to 15+ Agile Enthusiast Sessions | 4 High-Teas | Goodies Worth INR 2,000 | High-end Networking Opportunities with Top CEOs | 50+ Participating Companies | SEU/PDU Points (accepted by Fortune 500 companies) | Free Pick/Drop Service | Accomodation Services 

*Student and Corporate offers available. Limited Seats.


Why Should You Participate?

  • Learn application of agile in personal & professional life @ India’s Top B-School.
  • 100+ like-minded peers across the industry from all across India  will gather and learn the leadership principles, management philosophies, policies and processes.
  • 15 SEUs / PDUs and Certificate of Participation to each participant. Conference Goodies worth INR 1000 to each participant
  • 5+ International thought-leaders flying down to Chandigarh. Delegates can confer with leading Agile experts, thought leaders, innovators, and authors as they share their expertise and enthusiasm.
  • Great opportunity to share experience, solutions to the most common issues and will help to identify new challenges in the field.
  • 7+ Networking opportunities allowing all the delegates to meet and greet peers/ experts over Lunch/ tea /open spaces/coaches’ clinic.


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