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wannacry ransomware attack

Global Ransomware Attack: When a Cyber Attack Made the World ‘Wanna Cry’

Monday, the world woke up to find they were under attack. Not Aliens. Not Zombies. continue reading

11 Best Mobile Apps to look out for in 2015

No matter how quick your latest smartphone is, there are only 3 things that will continue reading


Mobilegeddon: Google’s newly found love ranks mobile-friendly sites higher

Is your present website mobile-friendly? If not, cross your fingers as your life turns upside-down continue reading


Reasons Not to Miss Agile Carnival Chandigarh [at any cost]

Have you ever had to delay your product delivery due to lack of communication amongst continue reading


The wait is over: iPhone6 is finally here to surprise you

The most anticipated event of the year for all the Apple followers is finally here continue reading


First Press Coverage: 42Works in Hindustan Times

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. ~Henry Ford continue reading

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