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Apple WWDC 2024 Highlights: Apple Intelligence, iOS 18, iPadOS, Siri 2.0, and Beyond

The dust has settled on Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 keynote, and it was a jam-packed event filled with exciting announcements. From groundbreaking AI features to significant updates across all their operating systems, Apple gave us a clear picture of what’s in store for their devices.

Here at 42Works, we’ve compiled a breakdown of the biggest reveals to keep you in the loop. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Revolution
  2. Enhanced iOS 18 Experience
  3. Updates Across Apple Devices

1. Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Apple goes all-in on AI with “Apple Intelligence” and Siri upgrades.

Apple Joins the AI Race with “Apple Intelligence”

The AI wave continues to sweep through tech giants, and Apple’s finally riding it! They unveiled their first-ever AI system, aptly named “Apple Intelligence.” This personal intelligence system brings powerful generative models directly to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Imagine generating images or summarizing text with ease – all within your favorite Apple apps!

Security remains a top priority for Apple. Apple Intelligence automatically determines whether processing happens on-device or utilizes their private cloud servers, ensuring your data remains protected. This exciting new feature will be available for free on the iPhone 15 Pro and onwards, as well as iPads and Macs with M1 chips and later.

Siri Gets Smarter and More Integrated

Apple’s AI push extends to Siri, your trusty virtual assistant. Siri receives a major AI upgrade, becoming more deeply woven into your iPhone experience. Look for the pulsating light on the device’s edge, indicating Siri’s active presence.

Gaining control of your apps becomes easier. Siri can now find specific information within your emails or surface photos of your friends based on voice commands. Additionally, Siri utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) to understand your requests better and stay on track during multi-part conversations.

ChatGPT Joins the Siri Team (But Asks for Permission First!)

Siri’s upgrade includes a powerful collaboration – the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPTchatbot. When faced with a query, Siri can now determine if ChatGPT might provide a better response. It will then ask your permission before transferring the request to ChatGPT. Excitingly, you’ll be able to access the power of ChatGPT through Siri completely free, without needing a separate account.

2. Enhanced iOS 18 Experience

 A wave of AI features and customization options supercharge your iPhone experience.

New AI Features in iOS 18

Apple is rolling out a host of new AI features across its apps in iOS 18, including the ability to summarize emails and generate responses. The new Genmoji feature lets you create custom emojis based on a text prompt, and the new AI image generator, Image Playground, enhances creative possibilities.

AI is also being integrated into the Photos app, allowing users to search for photos using natural language and clean up background objects similar to Google’s Magic Eraser. Additionally, AI-powered transcriptions and summaries are available on the Notes and Phone apps.

iPhone Customization in iOS 18

In addition to AI enhancements, Apple is introducing a more customizable Control Center in iOS 18 and a feature to freely place app icons on the home screen. The update also includes the ability to lock certain apps, preventing others from accessing them when you hand over your phone.

Other significant changes include a redesign of the Photos app and the introduction of a new Game Mode.

Messaging Gets an Upgrade: RCS Arrives on iPhone

Apple confirmed the long-awaited arrival of RCS messaging support in iOS 18, building on last year’s announcement. While details remain scarce, this industry-standard will enhance communication across different devices and platforms.

With this, iMessage also receives a boost to schedule texts in advance to ensure those important messages go out on time. Stay connected even without cell service with new support for SMS messaging via satellite (availability may vary)

Passwords App: Simplified Login Management

The rumors were true! Apple introduces a new Passwords app, your one-stop shop for managing login details across all your devices. Similar to popular password managers, the app lets you generate strong passwords securely and store them for easy access. This new feature will be available on a wide range of platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, visionOS, and even Windows.

3. Updates Across Apple Devices

Updates across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and visionOS bring exciting new possibilities.

Apple TV+ Enhances Your Viewing Experience

Apple TV+ introduces a clever new feature called “inSights.” Simply swipe down on your remote to reveal details about actors and their characters on screen. No need to pause and search – discover the current song and add it to your Apple Music playlist with ease. Immerse yourself in your favorite shows with automatic subtitles that activate when muted and native support for 21:9 projectors, creating a truly cinematic experience.

iPadOS 18: The Calculator Arrives with Apple Pencil Magic

After a decade-long wait, the iPad finally gets a dedicated Calculator app! But it doesn’t stop there. The app boasts a unique feature called “Math Notes,” allowing you to use your Apple Pencil to handwrite equations directly on the screen. Even better, the app will analyze and solve them for you!

iPadOS 18: Enhanced Note-Taking with Smart Script

Apple’s commitment to improving the iPad experience continues with “Smart Script.” This exciting new feature leverages machine learning to enhance your notes. Say goodbye to messy handwriting – Smart Script will automatically neaten it up and ensure flawless spelling.

macOS 15: Mirror Your iPhone & Explore Smarter with Safari

Get ready for a seamless connection between your iPhone and Mac. The next macOS update brings iPhone mirroring functionality. View notifications, access your phone’s audio, and enjoy a truly integrated experience.

Furthermore, Safari receives a boost with “Highlights,” a machine learning-powered feature that intelligently identifies key points on webpages. Now, scanning through articles to find important information becomes a breeze.

watchOS 11: Smart Widgets & Enhanced Wellness

WatchOS 11 is set to unleash a slew of fresh features, including an innovative function that intelligently adds widgets according to your requirements. Apple introduces the Vitals app, facilitating easy access to vital health metrics at a glance. Additionally, anticipate new cycle tracking functionalities, Live Activities, and Check In support, enabling your loved ones to monitor your workout progress.

visionOS 2: A World of Possibilities

Apple has unveiled visionOS 2, marking its inaugural significant upgrade to the operating system. Among the fresh features heading to Vision Pro is machine learning-driven depth enhancement for photos. Additionally, the update will introduce compatibility with an ultrawide virtual Mac display, enhanced gesture controls, and support for train travel mode.

Expanding its reach, Apple intends to roll out the Vision Pro to additional countries, such as China, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, and the UK.

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