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WordPress Releases Gutenberg 11.2 – Why this is a Winner

WordPress is one of the most widely used open-source CMS platforms in the world & it recently released the new Gutenberg 11.2 version. This new release highlights some great features, focusing on bug fixes and improved tools.

Gutenberg is a block editor and an updated way of building websites, using a visual drag and drop interface. Let’s understand some of the advantages that Gutenberg offers.

• Built-in blocks feature
• Ease of use for non-developers
• Rich styling options
• Reusable blocks
• Visual editing

One can use blocks for paragraphs, headings, columns, quotes, etc. and it can also be customized as per the publisher’s needs.

WordPress explained the purpose of Gutenberg’s, “With blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge. Instead of using custom code, you can add a block and focus on your content. Without being an expert developer, you can build your own custom posts and pages.”

Let’s see what the new version means for developers.

Additional Search Block Options

The search block now offers more options for customization, it has more color options now for the search button and the search box border. The image below shows some examples of search block designs.

Pullquote Design Options

Pullquote design is a feature that consists of a quote using a larger font, drawing attention to the important text. With the new version, Gutenberg also expanded color support for pullquote blocks, enabling creative design options while also providing the option of customization.

According to WordPress, “The pullquote block’s color options have also expanded. There are now more distinct options for setting background, text, and link colors. Border support has been expanded to allow selection of a border style, color, and width.”

Group Block- Flex Layout

This is an experimental feature & is still being beta tested on the group block. This feature would give the parent blocks the capability to define the layout of inner blocks.

Additional Improvements In Gutenberg 11.2

• Allows authors to select images uploaded by other authors.
• Fixing the code to prevent layout shift
• Fixed theme and plugin incompatibility bugs in the Widget Editor
• Removed an outdated reference to Instagram from an embed bloc
• Improved the code quality

Is It Worth Updating to Gutenberg 11.2?

The block editor was first introduced in December 2018 and is still laying the groundwork for the next three phases of work.

Although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll face any compatibility issues while upgrading your website, we would advise that you must backup your website before updating it to the latest version.

Our developers love using WordPress because of the wide range of features it offers. You can reach us at and let our experts guide you through the various stages of building an effective website.

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