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Figma Announces Major Redesign and AI Integration at Config 2024

Figma’s annual conference, Config 2024, is here! To mark the occasion, the popular design tool just announced a major software update. This includes a fresh new look for the platform and a variety of AI  features that will be available to users later in the year.

“Our goal is to equip designers with the tools they need to shine, solving genuine challenges without unnecessary hype,” states Figma’s CTO, Kris Rasmussen.


Table of Contents:

  1. A Streamlined Canvas for the Future
  2. Figma AI
  3. Figma Slides
  4. Apple User Exclusive Features

Here’s a breakdown of the key new features:

A Streamlined Canvas for the Future

Figma’s recent blog post highlights the redesign as the foundation for the next decade of design. The update boasts a fresh look with a new toolbar, rounded corners, and a whopping 200 new icons.

This refresh aims to achieve two key goals:

  • Enhanced Focus: Minimize UI clutter and prioritize your work on the canvas.
  • Approachability: Create a welcoming interface for new users while retaining the power for Figma veterans.

Figma marks this redesign as their third major overhaul since their closed beta days. This exciting new look is currently in a limited beta phase. Eager users can join the waitlist for a chance to experience it firsthand.


Leveraging Figma’s potential can be overwhelming, especially with a constantly evolving platform. But don’t worry, our talented designers at 42Works can help!

Figma AI: Supercharge Your Design Workflow

Figma AI empowers designers to stay in their creative zone by eliminating common roadblocks. Through automated tasks and intelligent assistance, designers can focus on the intricate details that truly matter. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Smarter Search

Say goodbye to frustrating keyword searches. Figma AI’s “Search for Similar” tool lets you find design assets in three intuitive ways: by keyword, selecting an existing element, or uploading an image.

Find inspiration, locate past work, or grab the latest component version – all with ease. Plus, the revamped Asset Tab understands your intent, not just keywords. Search for “arrow” and see actual arrows, not just text labels.

Automating the Mundane

Figma AI tackles repetitive design tasks so you can focus on what matters. AI-powered text tools translate, rewrite, and shorten content. Automatic layer renaming keeps your files organized. Effortlessly remove image backgrounds. 

Most importantly, generate realistic copy and images to populate your mockups, eliminating the need for placeholder text and stock photos.

AI-Powered Design Generation

Introducing “Make Designs,” the most groundbreaking feature. This tool utilizes text prompts to create UI layouts and component options. Imagine rapidly mocking up interfaces using your company’s design system – a future accessible to both designers and non-designers. 

While in its early stages, this technology hints at a future where AI democratizes design, enabling teams to quickly prototype ideas and bridge the gap between concept and visual representation. For designers, it acts as a powerful ally against the blank canvas, sparking fresh ideas and accelerating the design process.

One-Click Prototyping

Turn static mockups into interactive prototypes with a single click. The “Make Prototype” function dramatically reduces the time needed to bring ideas to life and secure stakeholder approval.

 Figma Slides: Presentations Feature

Beyond design tools, Figma introduces Figma Slides – a presentation companion built for seamless collaboration. This innovative product merges Figma’s design prowess with intuitive presentation features, empowering designers and teams to craft and deliver impactful presentations.

Figma Slides fosters a collaborative environment with features like commenting, chat functionalities, and live audio. Additionally, an organized grid view streamlines the presentation-building process, ensuring a smooth workflow that reflects the final, polished product.

Apple User Exclusive Features in Figma

Figma’s Config 2024 wasn’t just about groundbreaking features for all users. Apple users received an extra treat! They can now access the latest iOS UI kit directly within Figma’s asset panel.

These UI kits are treasure troves for Apple designers. Each one includes pre-built component sets and ready-made mockups. You can simply drag an entire example screen onto your Figma canvas, and it will be fully editable using the library components.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Figma’s Dev Mode integrates seamlessly with these UI kits through a new feature called Code Connect. This powerful tool surfaces the component code, allowing developers to implement it accurately and efficiently, ensuring a smooth workflow from design to development.

Stay on Top of Design Trends with 42Works

Figma’s Config 2024 unveiled a future of design brimming with innovation – from a streamlined interface to AI-powered assistance. These advancements promise to empower designers and revolutionize the design workflow.

At 42Works, we stay at the forefront of design trends, ensuring our clients leverage the latest tools and strategies. Want to discuss how Figma’s new features can benefit your design projects? Contact us today for a consultation!

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