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WordPress Parent Company Acquires Headless CMS Frontity

The WordPress parent company acquires headless CMS company Frontity. Having acquired the company, WordPress has reached a turning point in its history. 

WordPress parent company acquires fontity

Automattic, the parent company of, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Tumblr, and more has acquired Frontity in September 2021. This acquisition is believed to bring a revolutionary makeover to WordPress websites.

“We believe that this is a huge opportunity. The impact our team could make working directly on WordPress is much more significant than continuing on our own, so we decided to go for it!”

The WordPress parent company acquires Frontity: The history/story behind the acquisition

There is an interesting story about how the WordPress parent company acquired Frontity:
 *2017: Frontity’s first project in 2017 involved publishing large Spanish WordPress sites with the intent to improve their mobile performance.
*2019: Frontity launched an open-source framework that allows WordPress to be used as a headless CMS with a React frontend.
*2020: Automattic’s 2020 investment in Frontity opened the doors for discussions about Frontity joining Automattic.

What does the acquisition mean for WordPress?

Post-acquisition, Frontity’s main focus would be to improve WordPress and its full site editing developer experience. Even though Frontity is a React framework company, they will not be attempting to add React to WordPress. To improve the WordPress website building experience, they will look at Gutenberg and the full editing space for full websites to identify where their work has the largest impact.

What does the acquisition mean for Frontity?

Frontity framework will continue to be an open-source, free of cost, software project. However, their primary focus would be WordPress and Gutenberg. Frontity is more empowered now. With its current feature set and powerful extensibility pattern (similar to that of WordPress itself), Frontity is the best way to run a decoupled WordPress site with React.

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