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Google Ends The Year With A Bang! – New Update-Patch Released

In the year 2019, Google has been on a streak of updates and announcements for many of its platforms. As the year nears its end, Google has made a recent revelation that has made a previous update even better.  

Back in September of this year, Google had announced an update for its Search Performance Reports. Even though the update had plenty of goodies, many users felt that it lacked the speed to cope with new digital realities.  

As any good online marketing company would know the pain of delayed search performance reports is tremendous. To remedy this grievance many marketers had, Google has added a fresh update-patch that makes the search performance reports faster.  

Aim Of The New Update-Patch 

This previous update aimed to aid digital marketers and site owners to have a better insight into their websites. This insight would enable any online marketing company to estimate the performance of their websites on Google search and answer the following questions: 

  • How much website traffic was generated through Search & Discover?
  • What content from the website is performing the best?
  • What is the demographic analytics of the website’s visitors?
  • What category does the website belong to?

Source: Google Webmasters Central Blog 

 Now with the new update-patch, users can access all this data within a day. The data provided by Google Search Reports become more lethal when combined with speed. 

Changes After New Update-Patch

#1 Time Zone Adjustments in Search Performance Reports  

With the new update-patch, marketers and site owners can separate their search reports based on time zones. A good online marketing company would appreciate this especially as the additional functionality, will help them interpret data gathered in local time zones. 

#2 Fresh Performance Data 

The new update-patch will now enable marketers and site owners the ability to monitor their website analytics within a day. Now an online marketing company will be able to identify trends, patterns and search interest changes much faster and act accordingly. 


#3 Easier Performance Viewer  

Users can now easily choose dates, select the necessary time frame, and surf the data ion the Search Console. The image below illustrates the same process as mentioned before. Users can also export this viewed data chart for better mobility. 

In Conclusion 

Google with this update has shown great cognizance about what the people want. This new update-patch will make the lives of many digital marketers and website owners easy. With the year coming to an end, this was one of the best gifts Google could have given to the community.

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