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WordPress 101: Tips, Tricks and Hacks

WordPress websites come in all shapes and sizes. Thus it is only natural that you might not always get what you want in terms of size dimensions. The footer widget area of a website is essential for many site functions. Therefore, the capability to be able to customise the footer widget areas as per your liking is quintessential for good WordPress site development.

Increase The Number Of Footer Widget Areas

Out of the many WordPress sites, there are a few websites that don’t support footer widgets. Therefore, the ability to add more footer widgets will be greatly helpful for your WordPress theme. You may read this tutorial for the essential tip.  

/*If we have same element[class]  with code */ .footer-widget-area .footer-widget:first-child { width: 33.3%; } .footer-widget-area .footer-widget:nth-child(2) { width: 33.3%; } .footer-widget-area .footer-widget:nth-child(3) { width: 33.3%; }

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