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WordPress 101: Tips, Tricks and Hacks!

How To Enable Infinite Scrolling on Your WP Site?

Infinite scrolling is an amazing feature on WordPress. This feature enables you to know your user-engagement  through a seemingly endless supply of content. Of the many benefits of infinite scrolling, one of them is giving users a sense of action that keeps them hooked on your website’s content. 

Therefore, do you want your content to automatically load when a user scrolls down and nears the bottom of the page? Worry not, as this tip will help you do just that. To enable infinite scrolling, use the feature with the same name on popular WP plugin – JetPack. 

Install and add the JetPack plugin to your WP site, and add infinite scrolling by adding the following code to your functions file: 

add_theme_support( 'infinite-scroll', array(

‘container' => 'content',

'footer' => 'page',

) );
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