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4 SEO Hacks An Online Reputation Buildup Company Needs To Know!

Search Engine Optimization is one of the quintessential online marketing strategies. The majority of the SEO marketing process revolves around analysis and research. For SEO to work flawlessly, you must constantly calibrate the many different factors of an SEO campaign. 

This constant need for calibration is what scares away many from SEO. But a good online reputation buildup company must understand how to take advantage of SEO

Search Engine Optimization as a whole might be a complicated tactic, but inside SEO many hacks can accelerate your growth. Below you will find the essential SEO hacks that will help you propel your business!

#1 Google Auto-Suggested Content

Google is constantly working towards creating a seamless search experience. To achieve this ultimate goal fluid search activity, Google often auto-suggests content to users.

Since many users’ search queries are questions, these Google auto-suggested content of often time answer the question. The first hack to radically increase the traffic you get from SEO on your website is by creating content that is suitable for Google’s ‘People Also Ask’. 

A good online reputation buildup company should understand the importance of such content, as it provides real and organic growth. Therefore by creating your content to be compatible with Google FAQs, you will be able to rapidly increase your site traffic.

#2 Optimize Your Website 

The content that you create and the SEO strategy that you integrate into your content act as a funnel for your website. Potential users/customers will get filtered through Google Search and will be driven to your website. 

Now an online reputation buildup company’s job is to craft a website that is capable of converting. Your website the reflection of your business’s brand identity, therefore create it suitably.   

In your website, the two most important pages that need optimization ASAP, are Home and Services. The following are small breakdowns of both the pages:

  • Home – The home page services the main landing page of your business website. Thus it is the page many first time visitors will see when they visit your site. Your home page is also key to the navigation of your website.   
  • Services – The services page detail the services you provide as a business. Services pages depending upon your business can hold a tremendous difference between success and failure.     

#3 Create A Robust Internal Link Network

SEO is not just about focusing on your backlinks and inbound links strategy but also to your internal link network. An online reputation buildup company must pay close attention to create an internal linking strategy. 

If your internal links don’t take a structured approach then they are counterproductive. Internal links must always be targeted and follow a strategically hierarchical order. Organizing your website’s internal links in hierarchical order has the following benefits:  

  • Internal link hierarchies ease the navigation process for casual-visitors.  
  • Internal links create logical pathways inside your website that Web Search Crawlers can use to index your website better.

#4 Remove Obsolete 301 Redirect Chains

A 301 Redirect Chain occurs when there is more than one redirect link between a URL and its destination. Having a few redirect chains isn’t a big deal, but if you have them pile over one another then they can quickly become unmanageable. 

An online reputation buildup company's guide to google-bot

Therefore you should remove old and obsolete 301 redirect links from your website. When a website moves to an SSL secure connection, without checking the correct orientation of all previous website page URLs, then you end up with redirect chains.

Our Take 

SEO is a long term strategy, in no way are we suggesting that these hacks will lessen your work. These hacks are made to make doing SEO on your blog/website simple, but not easy. 

SEO gives the best results when you combine it with data and time. A business that wants rapid growth in its online brand identity should partner with an experienced online reputation buildup company that is skilled at all times of marketing.

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