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Digital Marketing Trends For 2020 To Follow Right Away

2020 is here. Have you made any resolutions to grow your business?

If not, No worries!

In this article, you will discover new marketing trends to help you have some resolve to grow your digital marketing agency in the right direction.

Undoubtedly, you need to stay up-to-date with fast-changing marketing trends. In this new decade, let’s explore the new trends to achieve greater heights in the online marketing business.

Let’s proceed to find out essential trends before investing time, money, and resources in the digital marketing agency.

1. Voice Search

“Siri, is the world inclining towards smart speakers?”

Yes, Indeed!

According to an estimated survey, 35 percent of U.S. households are equipped with at least one smart speaker. By 2025, the forecast suggests that this rate will increase to around 75 percent. Furthermore, it is also estimated that in 2020, 50% of searches will be voice searches. It reflects that voice search is one of the biggest online marketing trend of 2020.

Well! It is but hard for digital marketers to ignore voice searches now on. To stay in trend, one needs to consider the voice search to lead as the best digital marketing agency.

2. Google Ads Smart Bidding 

Smart Bidding is a subgroup of automated bid strategies. It uses machine learning to optimize for conversions value in auctions. This is known as “auction-time bidding”.

It is important to understand that Google Ads rely on machine learning to optimize your bids to get the most value of every conversion. With the improvements at Google Marketing Live, optimizing your bids will become better. These improvements will help to maximize your conversions.

In smart bidding, we get the 4 gems that will help you to improve performance. These gems are the following:

  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Wide range of contextual signals
  • Flexible performance control
  • Transparent performance reporting

3. Interactive Content 

The content that requires active engagement from its consumers is defined as Interactive content. Consumers are looking for more interactive content online. In 2020, content marketing will dominate its focus towards people offering what they want for the growth of their digital marketing agency.

Shoppable posts, 360-degree video, AR/VR, quizzes, polls, social games, and much more. This type of interactive content has become more prevalent than traditional methods. The interactive content should be engaging, relevant, and accessible on any device.

Interactive content will be one of the top marketing trends for a few reasons, which are:

  • This type of content is fresh and original. 
  • To increase brand awareness, shareability will work as wonder
  • Audience will get a reason to stay on the page
  • Quizzes and their answers when shared will attract more visitors 
  • Interaction is the magic key!

 4. Social Messaging Apps 

Social Media apps have now transformed into business apps as well. Social Media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and much more help to grow business. It helps to reach a wider audience and to retain them. Facebook Messenger has reached over 10 billion messages for business purposes each month.

Few tactics to become the best digital marketing agency via messaging apps:

  • Establish connections and contacts to build relationships
  • Enhancing sales
  • Easier way to educate customers about the products/business
  • Retaining potential customers
  • Providing customer support desk
  • Encouraging to join groups or events

5. Personalization

The root problem to be taken into consideration is that 95% of the audience will not convert into a customer. The reason could be that your marketing is not effective enough. For 2020, personalization marketing is an important deal to keep in focus. With the help of personalization, you can convert more audience into your customers. 

We need to understand that customers are tired of seeing generic ads. Traditional commercials and generic ads are now completely ineffective. Marketing is now a game of personalization. It is important to strategize trends to create strong online reputation buildup company. 

The Final Note

If you are operating a digital marketing agency, it is compulsory to flow with the new trends. It is important to learn, explore, and grow with the current marketing trends to stay ahead in the online marketing competition. There are some trends already in action and some are about to come in the future so it is necessary to adapt. You need to follow the mentioned tactics to take your business and customer relationships to rise in the business world. 

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