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Social Media Branding: The Holy Grail of a FOREVER Online Presence

Know why Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing” campaign was so successful?

Maybe it was the gigantic star cast of  22 big shot athletes or the oh-so-amazing shoes that were bound to leave us all enthralled.

NO! That’s not why this commercial triumphed.


It was because the campaign harnessed the power of social media to tell true stories that left the concept and the brand impregnated in our memory for years.

Even after a decade, the phrase Impossible is Nothing still resonates like a scream of glory in our ears and we still associate Adidas with that spirit.

And THAT folks is the power of branding. Sincerely, hand over the heart, 90% of your potential customers are not interested in marketing, at all! They only care about what your brand promises and how your message makes them feel. Combine it with social media platforms and you will not be just “sharing” your brand values but you can even “tell” and “narrate” them.  

With this guide, we are here to tell all you startups, SMES and enterprises why social networks are a MUST have for all types of business brand strategies in 2017.

A Beginner’s Guide: Startup-Level

Tip #1: Create your social media strategy before creating social media profiles

Before you start choosing the right channels, think of your business goals and objectives on social media. Also, reckon what your target audience might like or want from your brand. Will they want to see your practical, no-nonsense side or an easy going presence will please them more?

Take the example of Tinder and Dropbox. Both were voted top startups of 2013. But each brand has a different purpose — while Dropbox created its social appeal for business collaboration, Tinder chose playful vibes by posting vibrant images.

Tip #2: Choose the social networks that fit your brand image

There are literally hundreds of social networks out there and with new ones popping up every day, it’s tempting to jump into ‘em all.

However, every social network won’t be the right fit for your company. Your job is to find the networks that align with your brand’s image. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to make progress.


Tip #3. Look around you for inspiration

As a beginner, it is ok to be a little clueless. It doesn’t hurt to take some inspiration from your competitors and fellow brands or even yourself. Make your brand morals your social models.

Califia Farms is a beverage brand. Their natural concoctions have some of the most attractive packagings we’ve come across.

Califia Farms califiafarms • Instagram photos and videos

They are aptly using Instagram to showcase their cool and curvy bottles in any way possible – whether it’s a photo, a frisky video or a fun GIF.

Nobody Likes being a Middle Child: Medium-Level

Tip #1: Build an online community of brand ambassadors

Behind every successful marketing strategy is a genuine human connection. Use this opportunity to look for social media influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors. These influencers will provide you with the exposure you need to grow into a global brand.

GoPro, a specialty camera company is using user-submitted content to keep its feeds on Facebook and Twitter running. And because of that content, GoPro has one of the most impressive social media empires in the online arena.

Tip #2: Expand by recruiting new team members on social media

Your online audience isn’t limited to potential customers and investors. If you are looking for passionate, talented individuals to join your cause, they may be among your social media followers.

Leverage the lull as an opportunity to get creative with your job announcements and make people interested in you even if they are not from your field.


Further, highlight your company culture and share your milestones to easily sell how fun it can be to work for you.

For the Big Guns: Enterprise-Level

Tip #1. Don’t Overlook Visual Branding

Visuals play an important part in social media branding. You want to keep your brand consistent across all channels. This will help people immediately recognize you no matter which channel they’re using.

If you look at one of the world’s most well-known brands, Oreo, you’ll see that they use the same colors over and over again — in their logo, in their text and even in their images.

Oreo Cookie

However, visual branding isn’t just about colors — it mushrooms from humanized content to storytelling, animation and even consistency!

#2. Try Snapchat

Snapchat is only for kids!

This statement might have shaped the social platform’s image for you but in reality, it might be the most relevant platform for marketing.

More and more brands are becoming proud members of the Snapchat community, driving their products to the new age consumers — millennials and teenagers.

Even world’s best-selling luxury automobile brands like Audi are playing the Snap game. For Super Bowl 2014, Audi launched a Snapchat campaign to become the first major brand to garner one of the fastest-growing followings ever on the platform. The campaign helped Audi get 10,500 followers in just 24 hours and comprised more than 30% of the online buzz about the brand.

branding through social media Google Docs

Tip #3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Last but the most important, is to break your conventional mold and embrace new trends and social media techniques.

While it helps to be aware of strategies that work traditionally, we encourage you to think outside the box. Just think about it: there must have been someone who had the “crazy” idea to reply to a Facebook message using emojis or include a GIF to a Twitter status in a way a photo couldn’t.


The Bottom Line

It is high time to stop taking social media as ANOTHER distribution channel. This medium has now become a conversation channel – a transmission of experiences, feelings, values and success for your brand.

Already a little more motivated to start with social media branding? 42Works is having a blast on social media and can help your brand get there as well!


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