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Posted on May 23, 2017

What Makes People Buy? Top 9 Factors That Influence Purchase Decisions

When it comes to customer conversion, the secret to more sales is as simple as understanding ecommerce customer psychology and learning what makes your buyers buy from you.

Although we all are different, but at times, our brains are prone to react in a similar manner. Same applies to your customers. Understanding these subtleties in the consumer behavior and psychology can help your business find creative ways to ethically move more buyers towards saying “Yes!” to your products or services.

That’s why we got you these 9 rigorously tested and well-researched customer psychology factors that can help you get those endless sales and an insight into the minds of your consumers. 

So, let’s get started.

Ecommerce customer psychology


  • What is the ecommerce strategy for 2017?

  • This infographic is brilliantly designed. Kudos to your team of designers!


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