Influencer Marketing Spectrum: 3 Types of Influencers All Marketers Should Know [Infographic]

influencer marketing

While influencer marketing may be the buzzword of the moment, the strategy actually dates back to the 1750s. The aristocracy reigned the brand ambassadors arena, with companies like Wedgwood leveraging their influence to promote its chinaware. 250 years down the lane, celebrities became the influencers-in-demand. But with the rise of social media, Lilly Singh’s videos now dominate YouTube and everyday customers’ like ‘Happy Chewbacca’ mom drive millions in sales for retailers with just a Facebook post.

This mass adoption of social media has given us today’s three types of influencers personas: Mega Influencers, Macro Influencers, and Micro Influencers.

Let’s know all about these influencers in brief and determine which one is the best for your brand.

types of influencers


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A programmer with writing as passion. She love shoes, nail paints and everything Harry Potter. A recently turned social butterfly, she swears by storytelling in her content. When not searching for the latest marketing stories or shopping for shoes, she likes to paint. Her big dream is to have her own venture and to figure out the mystery of a perfectly winged eye-liner.

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  1. Will.I.Am Blake says:

    Amazing! The whole infographic is well researched and made with precision. Good effort by the team.

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