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How Will Mobile-First Indexing Impact An Online Marketing Company?

With the advent of 2020, Google has kept up the pace of new announcements. In a recent announcement in the first week of March, Google has shaken a good portion of the online community. 

Google in that announcement, revealed that they will completely shift their online search indexing to favor mobile-devices. This announcement may sound ground-breaking, but any online marketing company that has been paying attention won’t find this shift surprising. 

The shift to mobile-first indexing doesn’t come as a shocker as the seeds were sown a long time back. Now the question arises, how will an online reputation buildup company deal with these changes? Let’s look at the facts to understand this situation better. 

Why Should An Online Marketing Company Care?

The prime reason why an online marketing company should pay attention to these changes is due to its impact size. Google in its announcement, clearly stated that these new changes will affect the entirety of Google searches. Thus any business that is dependent on Google search or the internet at large will have to adapt to these new changes.    

To understand Mobile-first indexing and its impact we need to understand three critical aspects of the entire shift. The following points detail the same:  

#1 What Is Mobile-First Indexing? 

We first need to understand what Mobile-first indexing is before we can grasp its impact. As the name suggests Mobile-first indexing means the preference for indexing a website in the Google search database will be given to its mobile-version. Now the web-crawlers will rank websites based on the quality of their mobile website’s quality.

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Earlier websites on the internet were indexed based on their desktop-version. But now as the use of desktops goes down, and the use of mobiles rises, mobile-first indexing is only natural. This shift in the primary preference for search indexing is going to profoundly impact an online marketing company

#2 How Does It Impact An Online Marketing Company? 

As specified in the above point, mobile-first indexing means the focus shifts from desktops to mobile devices. Therefore now an online marketing company needs to change its entire Search Engine Marketing strategy. Earlier online marketing companies focused on the design and development of desktop sites and made mobile sites a second preference.

online marketing company

Now online marketing companies need to adapt to these changes. The first step they need to take is deploying mobile-optimized versions of client websites ASAP as this solves marketers and agencies a majority of their headaches. But remember your job doesn’t end here, as mobile content optimization will also play a crucial role in ranking a mobile-first search world.   

#3 What Does The Future Hold?

All these changes will impact the search industry in the near future and the long term. Google’s tectonic shift in its search parameters was the need of the hour as the world is evolving.

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More and more people today are on their mobile devices. Therefore this change in search indexing reflects the evolving nature of the internet. The best thing an online marketing company can do is go with the flow and optimize for the new changes.  

In Conclusion 

Google’s search platform is a constantly evolving system. A good online marketing company is the one that anticipates and adapts to new changes. Now that Google has announced its complete switch over to mobile-first indexing, businesses should move fast. Businesses should take this opportunity and design their websites to function better in the new search environment. 

Any business that wants to harness the full potential of Google search needs a website that capitalizes on these Google updates. Therefore partnering with an experienced website developer becomes critical for a business’s success.

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