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Symmetry – How Top Graphic Designers Look At The World

The top graphic designers around the globe see the world a little differently. To craft designs that convert and change perceptions, you need to have an in-depth understanding of nature. Only after gaining an understanding of nature will you find enough inspiration to craft brilliant designs

When graphic design services providers look at nature for inspiration, they see symmetry. It is all around us symmetrical designs form the backbone of the human experience on the earth. 

To better gauge symmetry, understand its core principles of harmony, nuance, and intuition. To fully know how to think like a top graphic designer, look at the world like they do! 

How Top Graphic Designers See Symmetry In Nature

Symmetry is a design philosophy that directly descends from nature itself. Naturally-occurring symmetry is a miracle of mathematics and physics that creates brilliant architectural designs. 

Flowers, faces of animals, wings of birds & insects are some common examples of natural symmetry. 

Top graphic designers around the world are inspired by such symmetry in nature. These graphic designers then inject this symmetry into their graphic design services. Symmetrical philosophy tends to inspire harmony and nuance in its designs. A strong connection with nature and symmetry might be a possible reason behind it.   

The symmetrical design philosophy operates with many functional elements. Due to this collaborative tendency of symmetry, it becomes difficult to create designs that emphasize one element. 

Types Of Symmetry

Contrary to popular belief, symmetry is not just one kind but many. Top graphic designers around the world are well acquainted with these different types of symmetrical designs. The following are the most common types of symmetrical graphic design found in nature and used in web design.   

#1 Symmetry Of The Vertical Line 

One of the most abundant forms of symmetry in nature is of the vertical type. Generally, to mimic a more traditional book-like aesthetic, vertical symmetry is used in web design. In vertical symmetry, the division of design elements happens from left to right. A website created in a vertically symmetrical manner can fit many new aspect ratios as well.

#2 Symmetry Of The Horizontal Line 

After vertical symmetry, horizontal symmetry is the most naturally abundant. You can split any design element through its center, and you would have a horizontally symmetrical design. Human faces and hands are great examples of horizontal symmetry. Top graphic designers create designs that are horizontally symmetrical to evoke the feeling of natural connection.

#3 Symmetry Of The Circle 

Circular symmetry happens when an object has design elements around its center point. Therefore, hypothetically if you were to cut a circular design into two, you would get two equal design elements. The top graphic designers use the symmetry of the circle to invoke an interactive emotion in users. 

#4 Symmetry Of Color 

The least known type of symmetry is ironically one of the most important types. The symmetry of color is essential for website designing that successfully conveys the emotion of symmetry. You can use many colors in complementary contrast to create a unified color scheme. A website with a unified color scheme projects a better message.


In graphic design services, the antithesis to symmetry is asymmetry. In an asymmetrical design philosophy, the design elements are generally kept uneven to break natural balance and rhythm.

Due to being the antithesis of symmetrical design, the asymmetrical design evokes a feeling of fright, confusion, and deeper introspection. In website designing, there is no right or wrong when it comes to graphic design. 

Top graphic designers routinely mix and match the different symmetrical and asymmetrical design tactics. To create a spread-out overarching story, symmetry is your go-to option. You can inject asymmetrical patterns into such designs to craft multiple narratives in the design story. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Symmetry is the way nature crafts things that are beautiful and captivating. That is why the top graphic designers everywhere use symmetrical design philosophies to create web designs that stand out.

It doesn’t matter who you are from novice to expert anybody can use symmetry. The concept of symmetry can be used to create designs that are intuitive, nuanced, and functional.

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