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Top Design Trends 2018: The Ultimate Guide for Web & Graphic Designers

Design community around the globe consistently goes out of the box to offer compelling interfaces through refreshing creatives and a UX that works. Understanding what works for your audience and evolving with time is great challenge, that our designing ninjas excel in.

New web components carry out innovation and creativity to every part of a website from drop-down menus to navigation bars to loading icons and what not. While last year we witnessed semi-flat designs, pastel color scheme, rise of landing pages, innovative scrolling, and much more, 2018 capitalizes on old design trends with new influences.

An ideal website has the obligation to follow the trend to increase engagement and enhance the online appearance while still including the essential UX components. The following infographic by 42Works apprises 2018 design trends and demonstrates how ‘Everything Old is New Again’.

Design trends 2018

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