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7 Things An Instagram Advertisement Agency Shouldn’t Do!

The internet is filled with hundreds of articles and blogs that tell you what to do on Instagram. But rarely do people tell you what not to do. Knowing what mistakes an Instagram advertisement agency should avoid is an absolute must when strategizing a campaign. You don’t need to make mistakes to learn from them. Go beyond and learn from the mistakes of others and craft successful campaigns. 

Concerning mistakes on Instagram marketing, a digital marketing company needs to take care of many variables. Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms, with nearly 1 Billion Monthly Active Users. 

Mistakes made on the platform can have serious implications on your brand-building efforts. Therefore to prevent an online marketing company from making the wrong decisions, we have curated the top seven things a digital marketing agency must avoid on Instagram: 

#1 Not Encouraging User-Generated Content 

Instagram is a social media platform that alone should meet the need for user-brand interaction. An Instagram advertisement agency cannot build a business’s brand on the platform if users of the platform don’t like it. As a result, the need for encountering UGC or User-Generated Content gains paramountcy.

The more people interact with your brand, the higher the Instagram algorithm favors you. If you successfully build a brand that engages people, Instagram will suggest your account to more random users to increase engagement on the platform. Take steps to encourage video and image-based content for increasing your brand credibility. 

#2 Not Taking Influencers Seriously 

The rise of Instagram has also created many firsts in the marketing world. For example, the exponential growth of individual creators is partially empowered by Instagram. These new-age creators are called Influencers. Their namesake is taken from the fact that they possess the capability to sway or influence public opinion on a product/service.  

Instagram is a social media platform, essentially built on human connection and sharing. Therefore, if an Instagram advertisement agency doesn’t take Influencers then they stand at a loss. Social media marketing has changed. Don’t wait for the future to hit you in the face, go forward and embrace it.

#3 Not Using Hashtags 

Hashtags have existed since before the dawn of the internet. Therefore, it is quite surprising to see marketers not to use them for their Instagram marketing. An Instagram advertisement agency needs to understand the potential of Hashtags and use them. 

But remember to not overuse them while posting on the platform. The primary common mistake a lot of marketers make is that they either overuse or underuse hashtags. The secondary mistake they make is using hashtags that have no relevance to the content whatsoever. A good digital marketing company should use its hashtags strategically.

#4 Not Using Instagram Stories 

This is a criminally underrated mistake that many social media marketers make. Instagram Story is one of the biggest content streams on the platform. The story alone has nearly 500 Million Daily Active Users, that makes it a gold mine for businesses that want to harness Instagram’s reach. 

Instagram Advertising Agency Should post Stories

An Instagram advertisement agency would be at a severe disadvantage if it neglects Story while thinking about its content strategy on Instagram. The Instagram story offers a unique opportunity that enables brands to reach a potential audience of millions for their brand marketing.

#5 Not Running Paid Campaigns 

Yes, Instagram is an amazing source of organic content. But an Instagram advertisement agency must remember that it doesn’t become a reason to neglect paid ads. To understand the crux of this problem, you must first understand what paid ads can do. The primary use of paid ads is spreading the word. As a result of this campaign, you generate a ton of valuable user-interaction data. This data can then be used to better strategize for the future. 

Paid Campaigns for Instagram Advertising Agency

Now the question is can’t you do this with organic posts? In a way yes, you can gather user-interaction data from organic content as well. But a key thing to remember in this is the fact that organic growth is slow. Therefore, the data generated from organic content is also slow. Hence to gain faster market insight using paid ads does wonder.

#6 Irregular Posting Schedule 

Instagram is a complex platform that runs on a carefully calibrated formula of algorithms. If an Instagram advertisement agency has an irregular content posting schedule, then the entire campaign goes down the drain. A business cannot expect to gain traction from a campaign that itself doesn’t work like clock-work. Nobody knows how the algorithms work.

Posting schedule for Instagram Advertising Agency

Therefore the only way to circumvent that is by creating and posting content regularly. With consistency, a digital marketing company can outwit the algorithms and stay afloat in the tsunami of content on Instagram. 

#7 Under Or Non-utilization of Insights

Instagram is an extremely advertiser-friendly platform. To achieve this reputation within the industry, Instagram has worked tirelessly to better its ad-platform. But even after so many advancements, many marketers still either underuse them or don’t use them at all. An Instagram advertisement agency must take the insights Instagram offers it. 

Source – Instagram

For example, if you don’t gain any traction after running countless campaigns, then insights play a critical role. You can’t fight an enemy that you can’t see. Therefore it is crucial to fully grasp and understand how your profile, ads, campings, etc. do on the platform. 

In Conclusion

Good marketing is not always about what you do. Sometimes it is about focusing on the things you shouldn’t do. An Instagram advertisement agency already has a lot on its plate with regards to the platform. The additional burden of outdated and wrong marketing practices can seriously damage the efficacy of a campaign.   

A business needs to avoid the above seven things mentioned. To gain traction and achieve your growth targets a business needs partners. A business needs to partner with an online marketing company with the experience to leverage it for robust campaign development.

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