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5 2020 WordPress Themes A WordPress Developer Needs To Know!

WordPress is an extremely popular and widely used Content Management System around the world. This widespread use has enabled WordPress to cultivate a rich and vibrant WordPress developer community around itself. Within the Content Management System industry, WordPress alone dominates nearly 65% of the market.  

The above figures are a testament to the popularity of WordPress. Today a WordPress developer has hundreds of pre-designed and developed website themes to choose from. These themes not only make the lives of developers easy but also streamline the process of website designing for the common folk.  

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new developer or website owner. If you want to add that extra flair to your website, you need great themes. Therefore we have compiled a list of the best and easy to use themes that anybody can operate to create an amazing website.

New Decade, New Themes For A WordPress Developer

The 2020s are here, and that means everything before the 1st of January 2020 now needs a refresh. A WordPress developer also needs to understand that and look for new themes to use. Be it a website owner or a novice developer having a great easy to use theme just makes everything easier and better. The following five themes are the best. From the ease of use functionality and reflecting the change of the 2020s:  

#1 Astra

If you want a WordPress theme that is powerful, easy to use, and functional at the same time,  then Astra is the one stop solution for you. A good WordPress developer can create anything with this theme, from single-page websites to multi-page behemoths. There are no limits to your website designing capabilities on Astra. This theme is built for speed and performance, as it offers fully customizable page layouts, widgets, unlimited color options, etc.   

#2 Enterprise 

If you are a WordPress developer who is looking for a business website solution, look no further. With an enterprise, you have everything you need in a business website. From FAQs to multiple different page configurations on offer. You can even add plan comparisons, pricing tables, customizable user-options, etc. Enterprise makes your business website designing a piece of cake.

#3 Tusant 

This theme is for the niche user that deals with the creation of audio content. For example, singers, podcasters, sound engineers, etc. A WordPress developer is liberated with this theme to craft it any way he or she wants to. The specialty of this theme is its extensive animated motion graphics that you can add to your website. Tusant also supports a wide variety of audio and video file formats that make your work a little bit easier.     


 With DIVI, a WordPress developer can build anything from blog websites to brand websites. DIVI can also function as a powerful page builder empowered with a simple drag-&-drop UI. The process of website designing and creation becomes a breeze with DIVI that even the most novice of people can do. To add icing to the cake, DIVI is completely customizable and works in many different configurations.    

#5 Corner

Theme No. 5 for a WordPress Developer

WordPress as a platform offers ease of use and high functionality. This attracts a lot of non-technical people to it. From creatives like writers, artists, photographs, etc. A WordPress developer would need a theme that can perfectly work as a portfolio to showcase the creative abilities of its users. That is where Corner comes in, it is a theme specially designed to work as a simple website that can function as a personal blog, portfolio site, online art gallery, etc.    

In Conclusion 

The above-described themes aren’t extremely complicated that would scare a novice WordPress developer, making them perfect for practice. The more practice a developer gets, the better will their development becomes as time goes on.

Businesses that are looking to revamp their WordPress website or any website for that matter should pay close attention to this. Having a robust online website is essential for a business. Thus partner with a skilled website designing and development company to propel your business.

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