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7 Proven Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

The rapid increase in the popularity of Instagram is fascinating. It may be young (born 2010), but it already has more than 200 million active accounts. Number of InstaUsers grew at more than 23% in 2013 itself. It’s EASY! It’s FREE! So, if you still don’t have an account, Sign up right now.

To all those who are unfamiliar with Instagram’s concept, it’s all about sharing pics. Do you know—”Approximately 60 Million Photos are uploaded on Instagram each day”. More and more number of companies are creating their profiles on Instagram with the sole aim to gain visitors through visual content.


Following are some simple tips to make you Instafamous instantly. Getting fame on Instagram isn’t exactly a cake-walk but using our tips, It will appear a child’s play. So, Let’s dive straight to our tried and tested 7 effortless ways that will get you more likes in no time.

  1. Popular and Relevant Hashtags-

The optimal number of Hashtags on a post should be between 3-7. While #me or #love tag can increase your likes instantly, people usually refrain from #drunk tag.

hashtag - 42 works

  1. Filters are Everything!

If there is one thing that has made Instagram an instant success, it has to be filters. Filters are your on-the-go editing tool which gives your photograph a unique blend of glamour and personalization. Choose the right one!

instagram filters


  1. Timing Matters

Posting a photo or two in a week isn’t going to build you a loyal audience. Most of the people post on Thursdays and the everyday traffic is at its peak between 5-7 PM.


  1. Click Smart photos

Its one thing to click photos, other to make it viral. We have observed a few techniques behind popular photos. Following are the particular trends which should get you more likes-

  • No Filter- There is no doubt that filters add to overall beautification of picture, but interestingly pics with #nofilter tag got 10% more likes than others.
  • Right Colors- Pics that were predominantly blue received 24% more likes than average pictures.

Blue images


  1. Take more selfies-

It has been proven that pictures with faces tend to get 38% more likes than pics with no faces.  #LikeforLike or #Follow hashtag also increase a selfie’s likes by more than 5%.


  1. Instagram Contest-

Running an Instagram Contest is the most efficient way to create buzz about your brand in a short time. Use #contest tag to attract followers instantly. You can provide a small prize to the winner. All the fans have to do is use your hashtag and post photos that suits your hashtag aptly. Thus, you get a lot of new followers in exchange of a minimal prize money.

instagram contest


  1. Interact with others-

Treat other users the same way you want yourself to be treated. Follow others & like their pics. Comment on their pictures and appreciate their efforts. Start interacting with them and they will eventually reciprocate to your initiative. This will increase your existing friend’s circle, which will further increase your audience reach.


Still not satisfied? Hungry for more tricks? Well, we have plenty that will not only increase your the number of your likes but will also yield more business opportunities for you. While these 7 simple ways should get you started, you may contact us to hire our expertise on social media marketing and beyond.


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