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5 Tips to Write Irresistible Landing Page Copy

Nothing demands more skill from a writer than writing landing page copy. Since you are reading this post, Its safe to assume that you already know how arduous a task creating landing page can be. Maybe you already had a shot or two at writing the page and couldn’t succeed. Even if I am partly right, then you are in LUCK!

No matter how good your product is, if your landing copy sucks, no one is going to buy from you. It is the content that brings in the customers, convert them into leads and ultimately generates revenue. “Landing Page Copywriter are saviours”— you say to yourself. Yes! they are.

Landing Page


But, What If you could also write the same way.

Well, Finally, there’s a good news. It’s only partially skill, the rest of it is just a mechanism. A mechanism that you can learn and master. You, yes YOU — can also write an irresistible landing page as long as you keep these 5 simple tips in mind. You need to understand that more than writing, it is the understanding of how the customer behaves and how exactly can we lead them to act.

So, what exactly are we waiting for? Let’s get you started.


Talk to your Customer

People buy from companies that they trust and believe in. Therefore, you need to create a relationship with your customers. You need to earn that trust before they start investing in your product/services.

Customers already know what they want. Whether your product is good or not, they simply don’t care. You need to tell them,”What’s in it for them” Tell them how your service is going to enhance their lifestyle.

Therefore, Don’t just build traffic, build an audience. Start building relationship with the customers.  Till now, you would have understood that you need to talk to your customers. But, How exactly do you talk to your audience?


Highlight Benefits, Not Products/Services

First of all, try to keep away the idea of writing a landing page copy. Think of it as a normal interaction. By doing that, you will not only write better but will also build a relationship with your customers automatically.


But, how exactly to write? Do not force your product/services on customers. Instead highlight the benefits of using your product. Tell them how your product is going to revolutionize their life. Still not clear? Have a look at the example below-

Landing Page - 42 works


Provide ROTI

You need to keep a core rule in mind before you start writing a landing page copy. The rule simply states, “As a customer, i have limited time. Tell me whatever i need to know- or else, I’ll leave.” Therefore, your primary job should focus on providing Return On Time Invested (ROTI). Your customers are investing their valuable time in your website, It’s your job to make sure that its worthwhile.



Appeal to their Emotions

Human beings are emotion-driven creatures. Whose heart doesn’t melt on watching cute puppies videos on youtube? More than often, our purchases are based on emotions and instincts rather than logic. Therefore, we need to target people’s emotions. WHY?, Because IT WORKS!


There is a reason emotion is one of the most effective tool in marketing. Everyone loves feeling better about themselves. REMEMBER- When you are writing a landing page copy, the most important rule is that there are no rules. Appeal to your customer’s emotions, or else you will soon be left behind because everyone else is doing it.



Everything you have read till now won’t work until or unless you can convince your customers that your product is going to change their lives for better. If you can’t convince them, no one else can. Here are the two tips using which you can increase your conversion rate.


First of all, Avoid using plague words like, “Buy From Us”. They create a negative impression on a visitor’s mind. Instead of pleading, tell them why they need to buy from you.

Secondly, use Customers Testimonials. No one speaks of you better than you previous customers. Moreover, it increases the trust factor among visitors.



Now that you have understood the 5 tips to write an awesome landing page copy, go ahead and start implementing them. This may take time, but it will be worthwhile. Before you go, tell us if you found anything helpful. Comment below for any further queries. We are more than happy to help you (SEE! We are creating relationship with customers)

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