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6 Digital Marketing Trends A Law Firm Can’t Ignore in 2021

The world as we knew it has changed since the devastating outbreak of a worldwide pandemic due to COVID19. Businesses around the world have suffered the consequences of such a massive upheaval never seen in the past 100 years. But all is not lost yet, as we enter 2021 having survived the worst of the pandemic. No matter how bleak things were looking, the legal industry stood steadfast as the need for quality legal services is a fundamental necessity.

According to a recent study conducted by McKinsey; law firms are the most well-suited to withstand the adverse effects of an economic downturn. But just because law firms can survive the pandemic’s adverse economic effects doesn’t mean they should stop looking to thrive.

Hence in 2021, we have curated six incredible digital marketing trends that a Law Firm needs to follow!

Top Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore In 2021

Even though the pandemic is starting to near its probable end, the downturn of the global economy is far from over. Hence it is not a moment to let your guard down and get careless. Law firms need to be agile and flexible if they want to withstand the storm caused by the pandemic.


To thrive in the pandemic law firms would require robust new strategies that are creative in nature, easy in execution, and masterful in business generation.

42Works has extensive domain experience in strategizing and executing robust digital marketing campaigns for legal firms. Ergo, we have curated our top picks for the top six digital marketing trends law firms shouldn’t ignore!

#1 Adopt A Client-First Digital Marketing Mindset

Adopt a client-first mindset when it comes to conducting digital marketing for your law firm. What do we mean by that? The answer is quite simple, you must be more humane and approach marketing with a personal touch rather than treating it as a zero-sum game. You must strive to create a brand with a personal connection with your clients.


You must create value for your clients and not just a clever selling proposition. Dig deeper and look at the core of their needs and try to become the bridge between that helps them overcome their issues. Use content marketing, social media marketing, and other inbound marketing techniques to cultivate a robust people-centric brand.

#2 Focus On The Growing Relevance Of Semantic Search In Digital Marketing

Content is one of the most powerful tools for stellar digital marketing. Creating content that answers the questions of your audience is one way to always stay on top of search engine results. For example, if a middle-aged woman is looking for divorce attorneys in Boston, you must create content that appeals to that demographic to succeed.


You must create content for people, and not search engines. Ergo, you should develop no-nonsense content that is direct to the point, insightful, and adds value to your audience. Creating this type of content is quintessential in the world of legal marketing. Why is that you may ask? The answer is simple, the general public lacks the technical know-how of the law, hence you need to conduct robust hand-holding.

Focus on your content’s topics rather than only looking for relevant keywords. Creating content that builds your authority within your niche is more important than content that increases your reach. Complex legal topics, like divorce laws, lawsuits, insurance claims, etc. need an explanation to fully understand. Hence creating insightful content on these topics will help you create a strong brand identity on the web.

#3 Pay Extra Attention To Local SEO


The majority of medium to small-sized law firms cater to their respective geographic areas due to their physical location. Hence, it is no surprise that cultivating brand awareness within your geographic location can increase the number of leads you generate, thus increasing your conversions. Therefore it is quintessential for law firms to focus on local search and target niche audiences within their locality.

#4 Make Information Dissemination Easier & Accessible

The information you provide about your business forms a critical aspect of your holistic digital marketing campaign. Hence playing close attention to your overall brand building on the web is absolutely essential. To create a robust online brand presence you need to make information dissemination easier & accessible to your potential client.


Therefore you must pay close attention to decluttering your website’s UI that allows for a better user experience. Your website’s design shouldn’t just be restricted by graphical changes, but focus more on more fundamental updates. For example, simplify user-navigation, content management, landing page optimization, etc. adding AI chatbots and FAQs to the mix will certainly help.

#5 Optimize Your PPC Ad Campaigns

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most important tools of digital marketing that can not be neglected. PPC forms a very important aspect of an overarching Search Engine Marketing strategy. For example, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. are platforms that enable businesses to reach an exponential volume of people and cultivate tremendous possibilities.


Therefore law firms should pay extra attention and carefully optimize their PPC Ad campaigns to cater to their needs. One way to do this is by thoroughly doing your keyword research to select the right target keywords to use and reach the right audience for your law firm’s services.

#6 Develop A Robust Content Marketing Strategy

Ideating and deploying a robust content marketing strategy is quintessential for the success of a law firm on the web. You must create rich and informative content that adds value to your clients yet remains engaging at the same time. Hence to achieve this you need to cultivate a customer-first mindset when creating content and focus on your target audience for content ideas.


In our experience over the past year, we have seen a gradual shift in the type of content that gets the most engagement from users. Modern users want content that is simple to digest, easily interactive, and can be shared across different platforms. The two things modern-day consumers don’t have is attention and time. Ergo, you need to create content that is simple, easy to understand, and shareable.

In Conclusion

The above six trends are our assumptions about the evolution of digital marketing and how it will impact the legal landscape and law firms. Having worked with countless international clients we are certain that our predictions will turn out to be accurate. Nonetheless, law firms must always be cautious about how they approach digital marketing and make informed decisions about their marketing future.

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