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5 Winning Tips for Law Firms To Boost Your ROI On PPC Ads

The fast-paced rapidly evolving environment of the world of web does not play well with businesses with a high moment of inertia. Fortunately or unfortunately, law firms are part of one such business industry that represents a much larger institution than individual businesses. If attorneys and their law firms want to survive the onslaught of the ever changing digital world, they need to conduct better and more comprehensive digital marketing strategies that go beyond just having a legal website or a mere social media presence.   

The digital marketing practice a law firm adopts needs to reflect its foundational characteristics – it is only then that any online marketing technique might work to its full potential. Hence building authority becomes the cornerstone of any online marketing effort for a law firm on the web.      

The Need For PPC On A Legal Website? 

Every business industry has competition and the legal services industry is no exception to this fact. Like any modern business, the competition has now shifted from the offline to the online world. Today, having a good legal website for a law firm is non-negotiable. Now, if a business is going to have a website on the web, it also requires a way to advertise that website. That is where PPC comes into play. 

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a widely used paid advertisement technique that acts as a catalyst and propels a business’s online reach in a short span of time. The correct use of this technique enables a business to better understand a niche and strategize further. With PPC you also gain a lot of control over your online voice and messaging. 

To explore this topic further and how a law firm can extract the full potential of an online marketing technique like PPC, we have curated a list that has the top 5 winning tips to boost your ROI on PPC ads

#1 Restrict Geographic Reach For Your Legal Website 

Restricting your advertisement reach might sound counterintuitive, but it is not. The world is a large place, and the internet has made it extremely interconnected. Don’t let your PPC campaign run wild across the wide landscape of the web. Niche down your target geographic audience to gain quality traffic. For instance, a personal-injury law firm situated in Washington DC, won’t be able to meaningfully help a user looking for a personal injury attorney or a law firm  based in Pasadena, California.Restrict your legal website's PPC campaign

Once you niche down and gain control over your target geographic audience, you open new gates.This control defines your target demographic and reaches out to them, by using a strategic PPC campaign you cater to the convenience of the average internet user rather than chasing dead leads.  

#2 Select The Right Keywords

Keywords not only play a key role in SEO, but also PPC. For your PPC campaigns to generate a good ROI, you need to target the right types of audience and bring them to your legal website. One way of segregating your audience is by using the same focus keywords they are using for their search. 

For example, plenty of netizens will search for  the keywords – ‘DUI Law firm’, ‘DUI Lawyer near me’, ‘DUI attorney in Virginia’, etc. to find an attorney or a law firm providing services in the Virginia area.. Therefore running a PPC campaign by using keywords that relate to your niche and have a high search volume can do wonders for your ROI. 

#3 Legal Website Web-Page Optimization 

Reaching and targeting the right type of audience is just one aspect of a successful PPC campaign. The second aspect is converting these prospective leads into clients once they reach your legal website. The modern consumer has no time to navigate a cluttered website, no matter how good your services are. Thus all your web-pages need to be optimized for increasing conversions. A few tips for building conversion optimized web-pages are:

  • Call-To-Action – A CTA is an extremely important part of an optimized page. With a good CTA, you can motivate visitors to convert better. 
  • Brand Credibility – Your law firm needs to look respectable and authoritative. Your website needs to mean business and do have ample amounts of client testimonials to boost your brand credibility.   
  • Declutter Navigation – Clutter and confusion are the enemies of conversions. Make visiting and navigating your website a piece of cake.
  • Page Speed Optimisation – Nobody likes a website that loads slow, thus making sure that your website load-time is performance optimized is a must. Google has a brilliant free tool that helps you gain insights into your website’s page speed performance
  • On Page SEO –  Take a more proactive approach to your website SEO with optimizing its on-page elements, like titles, META-Descriptions, content keywords, broken links, heading tags, and more.

PRO TIP – Reach out to 42Works today to get a FREE on-page SEO audit report for your website.

#4 Mobile First

The internet isn’t a monolith. It is a dynamic and constantly changing landscape that needs constant vigil to stay on top. As more and more users are going online on their phones. Having just a legal website wouldn’t get you anywhere, you need to have a website that works flawlessly on mobile devices. In 2019, nearly 51% of global web traffic was generated by mobile devices. Thus by not having a website that looks or feels good on the mobile, you hamper your PPC campaign growth prospects. 

#5 Take A Data-Centric Approach 

Data centric approach to legal website PPC

Your PPC camping is a dual-edged sword. For a law firm, not only does it provide you with a boost in your online growth. But also valuable insights into the legal services industry. Insights that you can then use to better understand how you can improve your legal website. From what keywords work, to which geographic demographics are the best. You get a 360 view of your industry when you take the data-centric approach towards your PPC campaign. This data enables you to strategize and execute future PPC campaigns better than the previous one. 

In Conclusion 

The above tips describe the best course of action for law firms and attorneys when it comes to conducting a successful PPC campaign. Attorneys and law firms need to understand the complexity of the online marketing landscape and the attention to detail it requires for yielding positive results. 

Empowered with the above tips Law firms and attorneys can now venture into the world of the web with a more comprehensive and bold PPC campaign to propel their business.

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