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2020 Social Media Growth Tips For An Online Marketing Company

2020 is here, and with it is the next decade of social media marketing. Back in the 2010s, social media was in its infancy. Today an online marketing company cannot even think about digital marketing without social media. Social media grew at an exponential rate in the 2010s. 

Now in the 2020s, older social media growth tactics no longer work. An online reputation buildup company needs to re-strategize its social media approach. For example, selecting the right social media platform to create the right forms of content.  

A comprehensive strategy that is optimized for the needs of 2020 is the need of the hour. Thus we have compiled a succinct guide filled with tips for social media growth in 2020. The below points will help you engage better and convert more on social media: 

An Online Marketing Company Needs To Set Realistic Targets 

An online marketing company needs to understand the true size of social media. The majority of social media platforms have audiences sizes that touch billions. As a result, a business cannot follow a fragmented marketing campaign.  

The best digital marketing agency realizes this and focuses only on achievable targets on social media. Just because a platform like Instagram has 1 billion MAUs doesn’t mean your brand will reach the entire Instagram user-base.

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A business needs to streamline its social media marketing. To streamline its SMM a marketer needs to set realistic, time-bound, and achievable targets. The following are a few examples of such target/goals a business should strive for on social media:   

#1 Social Brand-Building  

Social media is a people-based marketing channel. As a result, it is best suited for building your business’s brand identity. Use social media to create a brand that is recognizable by people. 

#2 Lead-Generation  

Social media gives an online marketing company tremendous reach. A social media marketer can use this reach to generate leads for their product/service. 

#3 Organic Engagement  

Social media acts as a bridge between people. The bridge of social media connects and leads to new conversations, debates, & discussions. As a result a brand can benefit from such organic activity by engaging with users.   

An Online Marketing Company Should Research Its Target Group 

Social media marketing is all about people. The faster an online marketing company understands this, the better for their campaign. Thus to run better marketing campaigns on social media, a marketer needs to conduct an in-depth analysis of its target group.   

By understanding the target group demographic, an online reputation buildup company strategizes better. The demographic data of your target group tells you about how you can approach them on social media. 

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Target group research can include many different things. But to make SMM easier, the following are a few examples of the types of demographic data: 

  • GEN Z prefers Instagram and TikTok over Twitter and Facebook. 
  • The majority of social media platforms are female-centric with Pinterest having the highest female user base at nearly 80%.
  • 81% of mobile users watch YouTube content more than TV.
  • 51% of American college graduates are on LinkedIn. 

Content Plays A Major Role In Modern Social Media Strategy 

The modern user on social media engages with content more than people. As a result of this shift in the use case of social media, strategies also need to adapt. An online marketing company needs to focus on creating content that engages. 

online marketing company

The more users engage with your content on social media the higher the chances of them converting. To create content that engages people on social media, you need to know the types that get the highest engagement. The following are the types of content that get the highest engagement on social media:

  • Video Content – Video is the backbone of social media content. A business is severely limiting itself on social media if it isn’t creating video-based content. 
  • Interactive Content – Social media platforms are no longer static, now they have evolved into being dynamic. Now on social media, you can have content that a user can interact with. For example, on Instagram, you can put quizzes, polls, AMAs, etc. on their stories. 
  • User-Generated Content – UGC or User-Generated Content is the absolute gold standard for social media content for an online marketing company. UGC is great since your user base is being engaged to the highest degree. 

A Good Social Media Campaign Needs Constant Calibration: 

Social media is a constantly evolving digital marketing channel. Thus for an SMM campaign to work as intended, you need to constantly calibrate it. An online marketing company needs to constantly reassess their data and tweak their campaign, to better suit its objectives.   

online marketing company

For having a successful campaign, a lot of things are going to be trial-and-error. Having a dynamic approach to your social media helps you to build a conversion intensive campaign.  

The things you learn from targeting certain demographics to focusing on special niches all give you important data. By analyzing this data, you can also create a better future strategy for different social media platforms.  

Our Take  

Social media has changed a lot since its popularisation in the 2010s. Now social media is bigger and more pervasive than ever. Therefore an online marketing company needs to adapt its SMM strategies to suit the 2020s. 

For businesses, the 2020s is the best time to be on social media. Today social media offers the most amount of functionality and growth to a business. To fully leverage social media, a business should partner with a skilled online reputation buildup company for growth.

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