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WordPress 101: Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

WordPress is a Content Management System like no other. Not only does it offer never before seen functionality for a Content Management System, but it also offers unparalleled customizability. This fact becomes evident when you put in perspective what a total newbie can do on WordPress.   

WordPress theme controls the look and feels of your WordPress website. WordPress themes come loaded with several editable and uneditable template function files. For example, JavaScript sheets along with CSS sheets. 

These Template files contain the CSS code that lets your WordPress theme function. You can add your custom CSS to supersede your theme’s style rules. 

How To Customize Texts After The Comment Form

Now if you want to edit any aspect of your website’s look or feel you would need to edit these files. Therefore, if you want to customize the text before your comment form, then you would have to edit the CSS functions file. 

To successfully customize your text before your comment form, we have a special hack for you. The following steps detail the hack: 

Step 1 – Add the following code to your fucntions.php file to customize the text:   

Replace the ‘Your text here.’ with your preferred text.

function wpbeginner_comment_text_after($arg) {

$arg['comment_notes_after'] = "Your text here.";

return $arg; }

add_filter('comment_form_defaults', 'wpbeginner_comment_text_after');

Step 2 – Save your functions file with changes made. 


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