First Press Coverage: 42Works in Hindustan Times


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. ~Henry Ford

Getting featured in one of the leading newspapers “Hindustan Times” is a great privilege for 42Works. This is just the beginning and the team at 42Works is constantly climbing the ladder of success day by day. We have more surprises coming your way. Stay tuned.


Hindustan Times 42 works


About Anmol Rajdev

An entrepreneur, a mentor and a super-effing-awesome being, What’s your excuse? Don’t let his young personality fool you, he has surpassed many experts of his trade with ease. Having found his passion, he drives his joy by adding smart and sound members to his team. His admirations towards Gods of Music—Coldplay, is insanely unmatched. A sharp and creative mind combined with vast programming knowledge makes him a great strategic thinker.

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