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WordPress Gutenberg 11.5 Achieves a Full Site Editing Milestone

WordPress has recently come out with the latest Gutenberg 11.5 release which will take the full website editing to the next level. This new release includes a new Widget Group Block, improved support for flex layouts, performance improvements, and additional design tools.

“This new block replicates the familiar experience of being able to add a title to a group of blocks and allows you to group any block, making it easier to move and layout content however you’d like. This both helps with compatibility for older themes when migrating over to the new editor and enables a more cohesive experience for building out widget areas.”

Let’s take a look at these WordPress widgets that will make the site designing experience even smoother & bug-free.

Widgets in gutenberg 11.5
Theme / Block Gap Support in WordPress Gutenberg 11.5

Block Gap support adds the ability for blocks to opt-in to control that allows users to choose the distance between items within a block.
11.4 laid the groundwork for this feature by allowing themes to opt-out. In response to user feedback, WordPress made this feature opt-in.Columns, Title, and Navigation now have Block Gap support as well.

Flex Layout Highlights in WordPress Gutenberg 11.5

The Social Links and Group blocks now support Flex Layouts thanks to 11.2.0’s introduction of Flex-Layout! The Social Links block now has a ‘flex’ justification option for instant best-fit.

The Group block now has a flex layout option in addition to the old rigid layout option. When using the block inserter, select “Row” to see how it works.

Site Title and Logo Inside Navigation Block

You can now incorporate your website’s logo or title directly into menus, opening up new design possibilities! Use design tools to add and modify the title or logo of your choice, and then rearrange the elements to achieve your desired appearance.

Global Styles in WordPress Gutenberg 11.5

Themes now have default access to global styles, allowing blocks, themes, and patterns to rely on styles provided by the core.

Themes now also have the option to disable specific colors for text and backgrounds, giving theme authors complete control over the user experience they want to provide, whether it’s allowing custom colors, gradients, or only their curated selections.

Other Notable Highlights WordPress Gutenberg 11.5

Wordpress Gutenberg

As a result, the Heading Levels menu has been redesigned to be more visually appealing. In the Query Pagination block, you can now add an arrow or a chevron to the Next and Previous Page indicators to suit your style.

The New Widget Group Block Solves 2 Main Issues:

  1. Markup of resulting pattern significantly different to that of the classic widget markup.
  2. Inability to control the widget “title” markup and output when using a core /heading for the title.

With the release of the new Gutenberg 11.5, it will become easier for developers to design creative and interactive websites. This version comes with new updates, and better features and functionalities to upgrade your overall website.

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