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4 Ways A WordPress Developer Can Boost Site Speed!

The world has changed, and it’s time businesses change with it. The inevitable rise and dominance of the internet are more clear in hindsight. With the world embracing the new decade of the 2020s, new challenges and opportunities arise. 

The way consumers behave has also changed. A modern business’s website is their sail in the seas of the digital world. Now modern consumers have a lot less patience for slow websites. 

WordPress is an extremely popular CMS platform. As a result, a WordPress developer needs to pay close attention to site speed and performance for WordPress powered websites. 

To aid in the creation of better and faster WordPress websites. We have compiled a list of the top four tips for skillful website designing that help build high-performance websites. 

#1 A WordPress Developer Should Optimize Site Media Files

To increase the speed and performance of a WordPress website a WordPress developer needs to look at media files. The media files on your website are dual-edged swords. The good use of these media resources helps in your online growth and bring higher conversions. The bad use results in slow and lethargic websites that work counterproductively.  

wordpress developer

Therefore a good developer will focus on optimizing the media files on a website. Optimization in this context is the act of running compression algorithms. To make the size of the media files smaller without compromising quality. As a result of this optimization, the average load-time will decrease, therefore increasing the chances of conversions

The following are a few examples of website media files: 

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Graphics Vectors
  • Dynamic Animation Elements  

#2 A WordPress Developer Must Use A CDN

A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is an essential element in ensuring you have a fast website. This tip ties itself in with the previous point as it also makes the delivery of media-based content easier and faster. A WordPress developer reduces the load on the user’s devices when they request a piece of information from your website with the help of proxy CDNs.   

wordpress developer

The ubiquity of Content Delivery Network services across the globe makes them ideal for a global company. This tip goes beyond your website designing and enters into how you handle your website hosting.  

#3 Cache Your Website For Increased Load Efficiency

A WordPress developer can drastically reduce the load-times of their websites. How, you might ask? The answer lies in an age-old practice called caching. The process of caching enables a developer to store pre-loaded versions of their websites for rapid access. The keyword in this process is pre-loaded, as the wrong use of caches in website designing can also slow down your website.   

wordpress developer

Nonetheless, the successful use of caches will enable repeat visitors of your website to have a nearly instantaneous experience. Therefore caching becomes critical for your website’s performance.  

#4 Reduce Redundant Scripts   

While conducting website designing and development it is fairly easy to overshoot your script requirements. Don’t be embarrassed about this. Your skill as a WordPress developer is not defined by this. Many experienced developers also face this issue. But the crux of the matter remains that you must cut down on redundant scripts to increase efficiency.  

wordpress developer

Modern themes no longer need exhaustive scripts to function. Though you must remember the above statement is only true for themes and other elements that are well-designed. If you use badly-developed themes or other elements then your website’s speed is bound to get slow. 

In Conclusion

WordPress is an extremely capable Content Management System. The websites that are powered through WordPress run on a highly functional platform. But just because things run great, doesn’t mean a WordPress developer shouldn’t aim for better. The above four ways enable developers and website owners to develop and run overall better and faster websites. 

Businesses that want to take advantage of the rise of the internet must have a high-performance website. To achieve this, businesses should partner with experienced website designing agencies to propel themselves to the next level.

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