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Website Designing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

The internet provides all small to medium-sized business with tremendous opportunities. Building a website is the first step towards harnessing the power of the internet. Thus a small to medium-sized business must be careful about how they conduct their website designing process.   

To have a good website design, you must first understand what is bad website design. Therefore, we take a look into website development mistakes small to medium-business should avoid. 

4 Website Designing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Investing in good website designing for your website needs you to avoid the pitfalls of a bad web design. It doesn’t matter, if your website is run by a Content Management System like WordPress. The four critical mistakes that are listed below are also applicable to WordPress developers.   

The following are the four most common web design mistakes you should avoid: 

Bad Content

If the website that you build is a reflection of your brand, then the content that you create is your product. Content on your website has the potential to either make or break your brand’s online presence. Thus, it becomes essential that designers pay attention to content elements while conducting the website designing process. 

Creating content for the internet is a complex undertaking. For example, you want to create content that is comprehensive concerning the question. But at the same time, you don’t want your article/blog to become cumbersome to read. 

As a result, businesses try to dodge the responsibility of creating good content. You must realise that running away from your problems won’t solve them, face them as you can build a brand out of good content

Not Enough Call To Action 

The modern internet user is constantly being bombarded with different new deals, benefits, services, etc. Therefore, it becomes necessary for a business to use the correct methods to woo a potential customer. When a visitor visits your website for the first time, they present you with a golden opportunity. 

The first impression is the last, thus make sure to have your website designing on point. One important aspect your website designer must focus on is adding plenty of Call To Action buttons. A Call To Action is a stimulus that is induced into a UI to get a user to react in a pre-defined manner.  

The following are a few examples of commonly used Call To Action phrases: 

  • Get Quote
  • Connect With Us
  • Buy Now
  • Call Now
  • Find Us

Difficult Navigation 

Your website is a result of careful design and development. The content and design elements that make your website unique are spread across many different pages. Now to have a successful website, you need your users to travel across your website and engage with your content.  

It doesn’t matter how good your service pages are they can’t convert visitors, if they can’t navigate to it. Thus make it a critical point of your website designing to ease internal navigation for your users.  

Slow & Outdated Website Design 

Time is the essence on the internet. The visitors that visit your website have attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish. As a result, a website that is slow even in the slightest exposes you to the risk of lost traffic. 

You must adopt new website designing tactics and keep your sub-systems and plugins updated at all times. The speed of your website is not always something that you can control as your web host plays a major role.                                                              

Therefore select the best web hosting provider, only for your needs and don’t sacrifice. Getting the correct website loading speed is only half the battle won. If you are a store-based business with multiple locations, then make sure to keep things like addresses, phone numbers, operation hours, etc. updated at all times. 


In Conclusion

A website is the online reflection of a business’s brand identity. Therefore, a website that has bad website designing can seriously damage the brand image of a business. A modern small to medium-sized business must take all measures possible to stop that from happening.  

On essential step that all internet-first businesses need to take for good web design, is a partner with an experienced and skilled website design and development company to ensure growth.

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