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Website Designing 101 – How To Make Lead-Generating Service Pages?

In this website designing 101, we shall learn how to create lead-generating services pages. In a website the pages that define what type of services a company provides are called – ‘services pages.’ 

A small to medium business looking to build a credible online presence must deliver aptly deliver their message. The services pages they create must both visually and intellectually compel their visitors. 

Thus to help businesses, we have compiled the practices followed by the best in website designing in Mohali, Banglore, Mumbai, and other places.

Simplicity Is The Key To Good Website Designing

Keeping things simple and uncluttered goes a long way in providing a quality experience to the visitor. From website design and development perspective, a simple and clean UI is not only easier to build, but also easier to manage. 

The attention span of the average user is extremely short. Thus the loading speed of your website and the services pages are of paramount importance. Your web application developers must pay special attention to any dynamic design elements in the UI as it may lead to slower loading times.     

You must also make sure that finding your services page from your home page or any other page isn’t tough. Visitors must be able to reach your services page within a few clicks from any page of your website. 

Good Content Is A Must!

Now coming to the crux of the matter, the thing that your services page is about, your services! The services page that you create is the online representation of the services you provide. Therefore you must fill these pages with the best content that you can. Good and bad content, both will impact how users view your business. 

Here are the 4 things you must keep in mind according to the best in website designing:

  1. Your content must be short and concise, nobody likes to read too much. 
  2. Use greater amounts of visual stimulus while highlighting your services. 
  3. Don’t use difficult vocabulary while writing content for your service pages, keep it easy to understand. 
  4. Keep your content delivery method responsive by using dynamic animations on the services page. 

SEO and Call To Action

After you have figured out the content and overall design of your services page, you must look at its SEO. To get a better picture of how much SEO is needed, you should perform some basic SEO research for your page. 

Another factor that is often overlooked is a Call-To-Action. You must encourage users to take action, that action can be anything defined by you. The SEO optimized content on your services page must have a great call-to-action that motivates visitors to turn into users/consumers. 

Your web application developers must integrate call-to-actions in the website design and development phase. 

Why Service Pages Are Important For Small Businesses

A small to medium-sized business must latch onto all opportunities it gets to advertise its brand. Users are constantly getting bombarded with all sorts of information on the internet. This makes it important that you utilize every chance you get to remind your visitors about your brand identity, mission, and experience. 

Providing helpful and valuable information that is relevant to the visitor goes a long way in building trust. Here is a short list of points used by the best in content creation and website designing:   

  • Give a fundamental overview of the services you provide.
  • Specify how you can solve their problems. 
  • Present them with warranties and guarantees that you offer.
  • Add a stark Call-To-Action

Concluding Thoughts 

Services pages play an extremely crucial role in displaying the positive qualities of a business. Thus businesses looking to leverage the entire real-estate of their website must dedicate resources in building good service pages.

If a small to medium-sized business doesn’t have the resources, time or expertise to ideate, design, and create beautiful and functional services pages. It is a must that they partner with leading website designing services providers, to get the job done well.

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