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Trends That A Good Instagram Advertisement Agency Should Know

Instagram is an important and complex puzzle masquerading as a social media platform. Anyone who has been using the platform understands the reach and potential it holds. Therefore it is only natural for businesses to get attracted to the platform. 

To help businesses achieve the best on the platform, an Instagram advertisement agency needs to perform its best. The only way of reaching this best is by constantly evolving. Thus the best digital marketing agency is the one that constantly learns from its past.   

4 Important Trends For An Instagram Advertisement Agency

Instagram is an extremely important platform for modern-day brand-building. A business that is looking to engage and connect with young users needs to be on Instagram. Therefore, an Instagram advertisement agency should always be updated with modern trends. 

The following points list the four most important Instagram trends of 2020: 

Stories Grow In Prominence 

Instagram stories were launched in a myriad of controversies. Back in 2016, there were allegations that Instagram was ‘inspired’ by Snapchat while introducing stories. In the early days of Stories, there was still a lot of chatter about the new feature falling short of expectation.

Today with Stories reaching 500 Million daily active users, finally put those naysayers to rest. Instagram has been constantly updating the feature with new and exciting features. Now users can make short video clips, share one story on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, etc. An Instagram advertisement agency can use the lightweight content of Stories for consistent brand-building.

Influencers Gain Relevance 

With the rise of Instagram and social media in general, we saw a new type of marketing tactic evolve. In this tactic, marketers and businesses didn’t directly reach the users, but rather used a surrogate. This new age of marketing on Instagram wasn’t powered by some keyword, or algorithm. Instead, it was the people that propelled themselves and became Influencers. 

In 2020, Influencers are more relevant than they ever were before. An Instagram advertisement agency must work to extract as much potential they can from Influencers. Businesses can partner with Influencers to seem more human and natural. 

IGTV Takes Center Stage

IGTV was released to much fanfare back in June of 2018. The hype was real with IGTV, as many people saw it as a challenge to YouTube’s monopoly on the video market. Nonetheless, after the initial launch of IGTV, it did not send any more shockwaves across the industry. 

Instagram with its confusing use of videos, stories, and IGTV made it harder to predict how IGTV would fit into the larger picture of an Instagram advertisement agency. Now that a little more than a year has passed since the launch of IGTV, we can finally see it taking shape for the better.  

In recent months, Instagram has moved ahead with a few important updates to IGTV. An online marketing company should be aware of them as it impacts them directly. Back in May of 2019, Instagram announced that IGTV would now support horizontal video files. Another update was users now being able to see short previews of IGTV videos on their feed. As creating and sharing content on IGTV becomes easier, it grows imperative to add IGTV into your Instagram advertisement strategy. 

MEME Culture Takes Over 

MEMEs are as old as the internet itself. Therefore, it is no surprise when it plays a major role in brand-building. Instagram as a platform, attracts a different set of next-gen consumers. To cater to this next-gen consumer base of Instagram, an Instagram advertisement agency needs to think like them.


The modern consumer was born in the age of the internet. Thus traditional advertising campaigns fail to work on them. Newer generations of consumers consider such marketing tactics unauthentic & robotic. As a result, if a business wants to build a strong connection with its users it needs to build trust. 

The way to the hearts and minds of young users is through MEMEs. Pop culture, dark humor, politics, civil society, nothing is out of the grasp of MEME culture. 

Our Take

As industry insiders ourselves, we understand how hard it is to steer a successful Instagram advertisement agency. It takes a lot more than just having good marketing ideas. Novice Instagram marketers must not look at the short term they must follow a long term path for success.  

Businesses that know and understand the potential that Instagram provides for brand growth must partner with an experienced online marketing company to propel their growth.

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