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Top Growth Hacks For A Facebook Advertisement Company

In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook reported 2.4 Billion Monthly Active Users on its social media network. That was an 8.2% increase in MAUs from Q4 in 2018. 

If you needed evidence to prove the true size of Facebook, the above information should be sufficient. If we tallied the global population against the number of Monthly Active Users Facebook has, then it would nearly constitute 40% of the global population. 

A good Facebook advertisement company should promptly understand the opportunity numbers like this possess. 

Top Hacks To Propel A Facebook Advertisement Company 

Facebook is an extremely powerful platform. To successfully harness the full potential of the platform, a Facebook advertisement company needs some basic growth hacks. With the use of these hacks, a digital marketer can rapidly propel their growth.

The following are the top Facebook growth hacks:   

 Email Marketing Funnel 

A Facebook advertisement company would be mistaken, if they neglect the opportunity to integrate email marketing with Facebook. The social media giant is a goldmine of user data. A digital marketer can easily turn their Facebook page into a funnel that drives traffic towards their website. 

The traffic that you gain from Facebook can be directed towards potential engagement options on your website. The prime example of such an engagement option being your Email customer list. With the help of Facebook, you drastically increase the number of email newsletter subscribers you have. 

Audience Replication 

One of the most potent tools that Facebook provides marketers on its platform is audience replication. This tool’s capability can be translated to having the ability to target similar groups of people outside of your original target audience. 

With the help of these lookalike audiences, you can easily replicate your original audience layout on other groups, thus rapidly expanding your reach. In the hands of an experienced Facebook advertisement company, this tool can do a lot of damage.      

User-Interest Targeting 

An online marketing company has a lot of playing room when it comes to Facebook user insights. Facebook as a social platform, is primed to extract every bit of relevant user information from its users. This advanced capability to perfectly monitor a user provides a Facebook advertisement company with tremendous opportunities. 

Facebook provides a digital marketer with extremely detailed data regarding its target group. One such essential detail is the ability to target ad campaigns based on user interest. Now a marketer will no longer have to show irrelevant ads to non-essential audiences.   

Retarget Custom Audiences 

This growth hack is a no brainer. People who have already bought/interacted/used your product or service are more likely to do the same again. The same principle can be used on people who have visited your website, abandoned a cart or filled out a form.  

Therefore retargeting such people can greatly increase the chances of getting repeat sales. A Facebook advertisement company can also vastly enhance a business’s brand image through such retargeting campaigns. 

Create A Base For A Minimum Viable Product

This hack is especially meant for new business ventures and startups. Facebook provides you with a wide variety of audience reach. A good Facebook advertisement company can aptly capture this audience to build a base of trust.    

By conducting your Facebook marketing in a phased manner, you ease into the lives of your potential customers. Pushing a Minimum Viable Product first can enable you to foster a feeling of connection and urgency when you fully launch. 

In Conclusion

Once a Facebook advertisement company masters the above growth hacks, they drastically increase their facebook potential. These growth hacks, can not only be used for your brand but also your clients.  

For businesses looking to change the game of their Facebook presence, partnering with an experienced online marketing company is the best thing to do.

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