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Top 7 Ways You Can Build SEO Backlinks

You need to burn the midnight oil for creating a successful inbound marketing campaign. Out of the many inbound marketing tactics, creating SEO backlinks is one most tired and tested methods of generating traffic towards your website. 

But for all its glamour and glitz creating a strong network of SEO backlinks isn’t an easy task at all. Rather it is one of the most tedious processes in the entirety of SEO. Creating backlinks isn’t an active strategy, it is a passive one. this is where you create good content that hopefully nudges people into linking back to your website. As a result, many marketers stop using this tactic altogether due to the time it takes to generate hype and gain traction. 

Nonetheless, the fact remains true that SEO backlinks are an absolute powerhouse of organic inbound traffic generation. Therefore with that in mind, we have curated a list of seven top tips that make your SEO backlinks journey a breeze. 

Why Should You Care About Backlinks? 

Backlinks are a crucial part of off-page SEO, where your content gets shared by others on their websites that in turn drives traffic to your website. Backlinks, along with internal links and outbound links, form the critical backbone of your website’s SEO linking strategy. 

You  can use backlinks to not only drive traction and traffic but also build a credible brand identity that permeates the entirety of your niche. Backlinks provide marketers with two essential wins in their inbound marketing campaign: 

  • Traffic Generation – With other businesses and individuals sharing your content onto their website, you reach a larger pool of potential leads that are diverted towards your website as traffic.   
  • Search Ranking – As your backlink network grows, so does your credibility on any given search engine. As the search algorithms start to categorize your website as an authoritative source of information. The more backlinks you have the higher you rank on SERPs.   

#1 Backlinks 101: Have A Good Blog

So you want to accumulate inbound backlinks to increase your website traffic and presence on the web? But don’t know where to start? I have a perfect place for you to start, that place being your website’s blog, you see creating good content that people are naturally drawn to is a tried and tested method of generating organic traffic that works every time. 

Have a good blog for strong SEO Backlinks

Nearly 76% of the netizens are more inclined to interact with a brand website if that business has a blog with good engaging content. This along with the fact that bogging helps you improve your search index ranking is all uoucan as for.  

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#2 Create Content On Relevant Trends 

Now that you have a blog, you also need good content to make that blog successful. One great way of doing that is by capitalizing on relevant trends making waves on the web at any given moment. 

Use Relevant Trends for good SEO backlinks

While it is true that content preferences are subjective, relevant content posts rarely go wrong. Hence you should use newsjack your content, which will help you in catapulting your content into the limelight on Google SERP due to ‘freshness.’

#3 Create Free Resources Lists 

You need to understand that the web is a sensory overload inducing a place when looking for resources to do something. The fact that there are hundreds of variants of tools and services that one can potentially use to create something is nauseating. 

create free resources to generate SEO backlinks

In such a situation you can focus on solving the problems millions of online bloggers and content creators face every day. You can not only earn SEO backlinks, but also a lot of community goodwill by creating and compiling resource lists. To add icing on the cake, you get brownie points if the resources are free! 

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#4 When In Hurry – Use Infographics 

Crafting an overarching content strategy that completely satiates your brand marketing requirements is a long and tough process. Therefore if you need high-quality content that makes an impact and is highly shareable, then you can’t go wrong with infographics. 

use infographics for SEO backlinks

Well researched infographics can help you  boost your website traffic by a whopping 12%, but remember infographics aren’t an easy way out of a complex task. As ideating and designing an infographic is also hard work, but surely with its rewards. 

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#5 Bring Authority To Your Information

The best way to look at your blog’s content is the same way you would look at a lever. This means it acts as a tool to give you leverage in the long run. You should use their blog to create social leverage by adding authoritative links from fellow industry professionals in a niche. 

bring authority for creating SEO backlinks

As a result of this, you generate goodwill among your industry. Establishing yourself as another content creator readers can trust concerning the information you provide. Therefore give backlinks to get backlinks. 

#6 Write & Invite Guest Content 

With the evolution of internet culture since its inception in the late 90s. The exponential rise of influencers has been an extremely recent phenomenon. It is so recent in fact that the earliest you reference of pseudo-influencers you get are from the mid-2010s. 

use guest posts to boost SEO backlinks

Nonetheless, with the rise of influencers and personal brands on the web, a collaboration between two such brands is a potent way to increase traffic flow for both. Thus writing guest blogs for others and inviting influencers to write guest blogs for you is a powerful tactic at your disposal. 

#7 Do Something Fun

Everybody likes a good laugh and the world of the web loves it even more. If you are successfully able to infuse fun into your content then the chances of it going viral skyrocket. Humorous content also has the innate capacity to be infinitely shareable on the web. 

Therefore content that tickles the funny bone while also serving a purpose can take you leaps ahead in terms of traffic generation and SEO backlinks.  

The Bottom Line

Patience is the cornerstone of any SEO linking strategy to be successful. The above-described methods give you an edge in your overall campaign. Having a robust internal linking framework is necessary for both brands and businesses. That want to cultivate a strong growth pattern. 

If all of this sounds too complicated and it feels like you are under too much pressure, then don’t be. It is in the greater interest of businesses to partner with an experienced digital marketing company to help them ease the burden and grow faster!

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