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Top 12 Popular React Websites of 2022

It is quite hard to emphasize the importance of the technology being used when developing a website. For over a decade, modern React websites have made it to the spotlight, which is evident with market leaders opting for React JS to increase their user base.

These leading companies using React JS show a clear sign that the efficacy of React websites is not restricted to a specific genre or business. With the abundance of features, ReactJS has made itself a popular framework for website development. This is why many developers opt for React JS for its simplicity, flexibility, and high productivity.

ReactJS – A quick introduction

ReactJS is the most popular front-end JavaScript library used for building user interfaces, especially for single-page applications. It is used to handle the view layer for web and mobile apps. With ReactJS you can also create reusable UI components. Further, React helps developers to build large web applications that can modify data, without reloading the page.

ReactJS is not only popular with web developers but is also considered as one of the top three JavaScript frameworks. Now, without any further ado, let’s peep into some of the top and popular websites that are built with React.

12 Popular React Websites

ReactJS has some exemplary features that has made it a ‘darling’ of newer and even established websites. Here is a list of the top runners.


Facebook is an online social networking service that helps people in connecting with their friends and families along with making new connections in anywhere in the world. Without it, the React websites list would be incomplete. They developed ReactJS in order to support heavy traffic on Facebook – the biggest social network in the world, with over 2.5 billion users.


After Facebook took over Instagram in 2012, the photo sharing platform underwent some big changes. ReactJS has been helping Instagram with its new updates of video and photo sharing formats along with similar features. Instagram’s user interface is very easy to adapt, making it a popular platform among the youth.


Who doesn’t know about Netflix? The most popular and widely used video streaming app, from youngsters to adults, everyone has a Netflix subscription. Presently, Netflix has incorporated React for designing server-side rendered UI for all their operating devices – mobile, TV, and desktop. Earlier due to heavy coding, Netflix’s landing pages were taking time to load which was affecting user experience, however, with server-side rendering of React, the issue was resolved.


Dropbox is widely used for gaining exclusive yet important information and bring it to life. Putting it in the other way, it is a very popular file-hosting service, which in order to enhance its performance and consistency, used React in 2016.

Khan Academy

Another famous website using ReactJS is Khan Academy, whose vision is to provide free world-class education to everyone regardless of the place they live in. Khan Academy uses ReactJS to maintain its large database in a clean yet accessible design. Lately, Khan Academy is planning to use React Native for its mobile application development.

The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the popular and leading digital newspapers worldwide, whose website was redesigned back in 2017. During its redesigning process, the company opted a new technology – ReactJS, in order to enhance its speed and readability of its users.


Another example of a website that uses React is Uber – a mobile app connecting passengers with drivers for hire. Uber has been using ReactJS since its launch in the market. There are various libraries for its users built-in along with tools and features that performs difficult tasks – mapping visualization and Bluetooth integration.


Airbnb is best known as an online community marketplace for people to list, explore, and book aesthetically pleasing accommodations anywhere in the world. The sole purpose of Airbnb to use React JS was mainly due to its reusability, portability, and refactorability. Further, the user interface of AirBnB is sleek, simple to use, and eye-catchy.


Surprisingly, Grammarly has become one of the leading digital writing assisting tools. This ReactJS website is supported by high-end technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. With the help of which, the website is able to provide the best user experience and has proved itself to be a ‘crowd favorite’.


Last but not the least, Trello is known to be one of the best React websites for its fantastic responsiveness. Further, ReactJS components render to all the changing needs of the customers. ReactJS enhances the capabilities of Trello along with giving a clear caching procedure that is simple and easier to adapt.


By now, there should be no doubt that the demand for ReactJS websites is growing at a rapid pace and will last long as undoubtedly, the efficiency of the website development framework is quite a lot. Moreover, being versatile and flexible, ReactJS would be a leading technology of the future.

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