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Threads App Review: A Unique Approach to Social Media – No DMs, No Hashtags, No Trending Lists

  • Initial response to Instagram’s Threads app performance and UI/UX gets a thumbs up from most users.
  • The absence of direct messaging (DMs) and the option to hide likes are well-liked by users.
  • However, some aspects that need improvement are the absence of chronological timelines, limited search functionality, and the inability to create group chats or DMs within the app.

Instagram, the well-known social media platform, unveiled Threads on July 5th. This brand-new app, developed by Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram), aims to position itself as a strong competitor to rival Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Threads has been developed to foster a friendly community experience by placing text-based conversations at the center of its design, rather than hashtags, trending lists, or direct messages (DMs).

The app’s integration with Instagram, which allows for easy login using one’s Instagram account, is a key feature. Threads enables users to create threads of up to 500 characters, including media like links, photos, and videos of up to five minutes in length, seamlessly within the app.

During the introduction of Threads, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision for the app, emphasizing the importance of a warm and inclusive community that encourages meaningful discussions and the exchange of ideas. This launch aligns with current happenings on Twitter, where new restrictions, such as limited daily tweet views, are being implemented. Zuckerberg highlights Threads as a welcoming and open public platform for conversations, offering an alternative to Twitter’s restrictive approach.

Initial Reactions and User Feedback on the Threads App

With the arrival of Instagram’s Threads app, users have begun to provide their initial thoughts and experiences using this new platform. Below is a quick look into the early user impressions and feedback for those who are curious.

What we liked

Smooth Performance:
Threads has been praised by many users for its glitch-free performance, offering a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

Clean and User-Friendly Interface:
The clean and intuitive UI/UX of Threads has received positive feedback from users. The visually appealing design and layout contribute to a user-friendly navigation experience.

Absence of Direct Messaging (DMs):
The lack of DM functionality in Threads has drawn attention. Some users appreciate the focus on text-based conversations, while others would like to see DMs integrated into the app.

No Hashtags:
Unlike platforms such as Twitter, Threads does not include hashtags. This omission may appeal to users seeking a more streamlined and hashtag-free experience, allowing for more organic conversations.

Customizable Profile:
Users have the ability to customize their profiles on Threads, using their Instagram username and verification. This feature allows individuals to establish their identity and personal branding within the app.

Hidden Likes:
Threads takes a unique approach to engagement metrics by hiding the number of likes on posts. This change aims to shift the focus away from popularity metrics, creating a more authentic and pressure-free environment.

Algorithmic-Powered Feed:
Threads utilizes an algorithmic feed that showcases threads from followed accounts and recommends content from new creators. This personalized and curated approach aims to highlight relevant and interesting content for users.

What could be better

Chronological Timelines:
Some users have identified the absence of chronological timelines as an area for improvement. The lack of this feature may affect those who prefer seeing content in a specific order or who want to stay up-to-date with the most recent posts.

Limited Search Functionality:
Users have noticed limitations in the search functionality of Threads. This aspect could hinder the ease and efficiency of discovering specific accounts or relevant content.

No Group Chats or DMs:
The inability to create group chats or direct messages within the app itself has been highlighted as an area that could be improved. This limitation may impede certain communication preferences or hinder seamless interactions for some users.


It is worth noting that Threads is currently in its beta stage, meaning refinements and updates can be made based on user feedback. As individuals continue to explore and engage with the app, their experiences, and suggestions will likely shape future developments and contribute to the evolution of Threads.

As social media platforms continue to evolve, Threads emerges as a new contender with a distinct approach to online conversations. With increasing user adoption and feedback, the Instagram development team will have valuable insights to consider for further enhancements and refinements.

What about you, though? Let us know about your thoughts and feedback on the Threads app by writing to us at

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