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Search Engine Marketing

The Information Age-

Today it is hard to imagine a world without the World Wide Web. The internet is a gigantic library, as well as a world-wide message board, advertising medium, search directory, information dissipator, telephone network, publishing medium and so much more. And search engines are at the heart of this expansive network. Most users will turn to a search engine as the quickest way of finding the information, or a product or service that they want.

Search Engine marketing

If you’re a business owner and want to promote your product, or if you’re a freelancer looking to showcase your portfolio, it is important to be visible on the internet. And what better way to do it than through the competencies of search engines. So, what is search marketing and how it can affect your business? Let’s find out!

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid as well as unpaid efforts. It basically includes:

SEO: Optimizing your website to be search engine friendly for better ranks on unpaid listings (organic search results)

SEM: Buying traffic through sponsored or ‘pay per click’ listings (paid results)

SEO mainly involves making changes and adjustments in the website content for its optimization in order to achieve a higher page rank. SEM, on the other hand, relies on vendors such as Google Ad Words and Bing Ads for advertising.

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Both these methods are widely recognized for their effectiveness. Even well known brands still find that at least 30% of their visitors come to find them via a search engine, rather than typing in the website address of the individual brand. However, SEO techniques are generally found to be much more cost effective along with being more compelling. Organic results are thought of as more genuine by potential customers and hence, provide a greater advantage in terms of efficacy. In fact, ‘’ revealed that organic search results receive over 70% of the clicks. Being in 10th place of an organic search result gets many more clicks than being in the 1st place in paid results on the same page. For these reasons, we will focus more on SEO techniques as a means to greater exposure on the internet.

In an upcoming series of blog posts, we will elucidate on the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization. Also, we’ll talk about the little tricks and tips that can make your website more accessible and noteworthy to search engines. The series will help you customize your website, as well as engage in link building campaigns for optimum advantage to your business on the cyberspace.

So, stay tuned with us and take your business to the whole new level with the full power of the internet behind you.

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