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PPC and SEO are Dangerous Alone and lethal When Combined!

Both PPC and SEO are two of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of a digital marketer. On the surface, PPC and SEO are two completely different separate digital marketing channels. But both of these marketing channels, have the same objective, that is to increase the traffic and engagement on your ‘website, product, or service’.   

For a long time, digital marketers have been plagued by the question of which channel to use for specific marketing tasks. Mostly the decision to choose which marketing channel to use is made due to financial constraints on digital marketing campaigns.

To remedy this situation, digital marketers need to first sort out their marketing goals and priorities. Another digital marketing strategy that can be utilized to aid a marketer’s vision, is SEO and PPC integration into one lethal package. 

Get The Basics Right

As mentioned earlier, to unleash the full potential of PPC and SEO, you must be aware of your marketing goals and priorities. Thus, you need to focus on the basics and get them right first, one thing to understand about the benefits of SEO and PPC together is both of them are inbound marketing channels.

Therefore you need to take a layered approach to both of these marketing channels, otherwise, they might end up eating up each other’s space.

 If improving your Google first page ranking is your first priority, then you should use the 60/40 approach, where you use 60% SEO and 40% PPC. The key is to always know what you want and then devise your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Google My Business is important

One of the most excruciating mistakes most novice digital marketers make is ignoring their Google My Business page! Your Google My Business page is the first thing that pops up when somebody searches for something in your domain. 


If you visualize the Google search window in real life, then your Google My Business page is the digital representation of your storefront. Thus do not skip to add important details about your business on Google My Business. 

The optimal use of this panel is important to improve the google ranking of your business. On the SEO-front, Google My Business adds the much-needed organic legitimize to your business. From the PPC perspective, Google My Business can help you gain crucial information about your demographics and geographic location distributions. 

Speed Optimization

Doing a robust PPC and SEO digital marketing campaigns is useless if the visitors visiting your website have a lethargic experience. Hence it is an absolute must that you work on the optimization of your website performance.   

Another thing to note while working the website speed optimization is how well the website works on a mobile platform. Smartphones have already replaced desktops as the prime source of traffic on the internet.

A mobile-friendly and speed optimized website is great at improving first page ranking in SEO, as well as being an enhancer of quality score for PPC.  

Use PPC For Keyword Research

Now after you have got your priorities straight and have made the necessary speed optimizations on your website, comes the part where you mix PPC with SEO. One prime way of doing such is to create targeted PPC marketing campaigns to find relevant keywords for better SEO. 

It is extremely difficult to  in the first year of existence on the internet. Without data it is hard to strategize good SEO tactics to gain traction, this is where PPC comes into play. By analyzing the data on your PPC campaigns, you can estimate the competitiveness of your respective SEO niche. 

Think Long-Term SEO Marketing

After you get the initial data boost from an effective PPC marketing campaign, you can go full steam ahead with your organic SEO. The work that was started by PPC will now be concluded by SEO, as anybody who had shown interest in the initial PPC campaign is a ripe candidate for the full conversion in SEO.  

You need to think long into your organization’s future and strategize your SEO strategy accordingly. What PPC could do, was to spread your name in volumes, now by using SEO you are going to create content that builds upon that hype and establishes credible brand identity.

Our Take

As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, PPC and SEO are two of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of a digital marketer. It is a hallmark of a good digital marketing agency that can integrate multiple channels of digital marketing and optimize results to the maximum. 

Integrated channels are the future of digital marketing and thus imperative for the evolution of businesses looking to take their existence to the next level.

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