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How to Integrate Outdoor Advertising Into Your Marketing Campaign

Outdoor advertising has been in existence for decades even becoming part of the road ‘furniture’ when it comes to what is found on the sides of buildings and roads when you leave your home and drive or commute to your place of work or the airport for a holiday. Outdoor advertising takes several different forms ranging from a small poster in bus stops to massive billboards in city centers.

What are the Benefits of Integrating Online Advertising with Outdoor Advertising?

It has been proven that combining 2 types of advertising campaigns is very effective depending on the types being integrated with each other.  For instance, the combination of online marketing with billboard campaigns can be a match made in heaven since the consumer will notice the campaign on both of the platforms, thus creating a solid and lasting impression and will help them retain the message that you would like to convey. Studies have actually revealed that those who see outdoor marketing campaigns are 17 percent more likely to follow up and engage with the particular brand on their smartphones. Outdoor campaigns can provide the perfect platform for encouraging consumers to connect with a particular brand more directly.

The 4Cs of Integrated Campaigns

Outdoor Advertising

Consistency – Are all your connotations and messages supporting one another without contradiction?

Coherence – Are the different aspects of your campaign connected logically?

Complementary – Are your campaigns more than the sum of their parts?

Continuity – If using several different platforms, is your campaign consistent across all of them?

Short-Term Impact Vs Long-Term Presence

One of the key strengths of an outdoor campaign is its high impact. Outdoor campaigns are now so commonplace that they are basically now part of road ‘furniture’. This means that they are now part of the consumer’s environment and a constant presence that promotes brand awareness whenever it is seen. In addition, the campaigns can be targeted for certain audiences, for instance, you can display your promotional materials around clubs and bars to appeal to socialites or you can place them on billboards and bus shelters if you want to appeal to the entire nation.

Outdoor advertisements might have a high impact but they are somewhat limited by budgetary constraints. Outdoor adverts are typically installed in 2-week cycles, and once the cycle is complete, the advert is removed. This means that if you combine such an advert with an online campaign, you will be able to extend the 2-week impact period indefinitely since consumers use their tablets, laptops, and smartphones to engage with your brand once they see your outdoor campaign.

Using Social Media in Conjunction with Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

It is not necessary to explain just how all-encompassing and influential social media really is. You are probably a user of not less than one if not 2 or 3 social media platforms. According to Image Group if you are able to create an innovative and striking advertising campaign, the people that see it might feel compelled to share it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, further expanding the reach and amplifying its impact.

Digitally Tracking the Success of Your Campaigns

Integration of online and outdoor campaigns offers an additional benefit besides appealing to consumers. If you use online channels together with outdoor campaigns, it is possible to track the success of the advertisement using special strategies. For instance, if you create a web page and then display a link to the page on your poster or billboard, you will be able to track the number of people that visit the page and this will give you an idea of the number of people that are taking note of your campaign.

Outdoor advertising has the potential to generate so much success and positivity for your campaigns. When combined with the power of online marketing, the impact your campaign can have is virtually limitless.

About the Author: Stephen Ball is the author of this guest post.

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