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“We don’t want to push our ideas
on to customers, we simply
want to make what they want”
-Laura Ashley

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42 works
42 works
42 works 42 works
42 works

The 42Works 4D Process

Our four-step holy grail of working ensure that our clients receive the best of everything!





All successful partnerships are built on trust & understanding, therefore, the first step in our process is to get to know our clients inside & out to better grasp who they are and what they stand for. We pay individual attention to all our projects and take a methodical approach to our research that helps us gain an acute knowledge of your business and its innate needs & requirements. Once we complete that, we execute our analysis of the data to formulate our next course of action.

This is the part where we get our creative juices flowing! Equipped with valuable insight from our digging, we dive into the design phase of our process. Our team of designers dedicates their time in first crafting a suitable design philosophy and then working their way around it with layouts and wireframes. Once we are satisfied with our initial plan (we can be a picky lot), we relay that plan to you for feedback, before getting back to the drawing board for mockup designs and UI/UX. We continue with the same process and make unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the design.

Once the design is locked in, we go into hyperdrive. Our team of professional and experienced developers work side by side with our designers to execute our collective vision for your product. We integrate cutting edge development practices, keep the code flexible and scalable to increase the efficiency & efficacy of the development cycle.

It doesn’t matter whether it be a brand website, or a complex mobile application, or a high-traffic ecommerce store, we do it with the utmost attention to detail. It is our strive to meet deadlines, not to exceed budgets, and never compromise on quality. After rounds of testing and quality control, we proceed towards the final stages of the project life cycle with specially designed launch checklists. After all tests have passed, and the final go-ahead is given from your side, we deploy your project into LIVE or production mode for your audience, and push the boundaries for your brand to take over the skies!

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