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Laravel: Everything you need for your Web Applications


One of the things that make Laravel a well-known web application framework, is that it not only consists of the expressive yet elegant syntax but also the way it helps the developers develop without stressing over small things and there’s nothing I could ask for anything better. Although there are countless tools available for developers to create a well-defined modern web application in my view, Laravel is the best among all.

In this blog, I have integrated some of my experiences on why Laravel is worth using to create modern time web applications. However, I am also sure about the fact that my viewpoints might or might not match yours. Nevertheless, have a look at what makes me believe in Laravel is the best framework for web applications:

A Growing Framework


It won’t be wrong if I call Laravel a growing and developing framework. Over the years, it has grown for the better. If I phrase it the other way, as we grow and learn new things, Laravel also does the same. Web developers who are a newbie in this field can benefit a lot from the wide range of Laravel’s library of video tutorials, guides, etc.

However, if you are an experienced web developer then Laravel offers you much more than basic things. With that being said, Laravel 9 is scheduled to launch in 2022, followed by Laravel 10 and Laravel 11 in 2023 and 2024 respectively. Therefore, Laravel keeps evolving over time, offering a new set of features and functionalities for the “web artisans”.

A Scaling Framework

Anmol Rajdev

The second most incredible thing about Laravel is that it’s a scaling framework. Meaning, it is the growing nature of PHP along with Laravel’s built-in support for fast and distributed cache systems that makes it a scalable framework. Speaking of which, Laravel applications are managing millions of requests seamlessly every month.

A Secure Framework

Having the world over digital platforms, it becomes all the more important for applications to be secured and safe enough for people to use them. And out of the box, the Laravel framework ensures high security to be integrated into the design of the application and is given the utmost attention. Undoubtedly, I am a fan of Laravel but, no framework is 100% safe and sound to use.

Again, there is always a good side to something bad, and i.e., Laravel apps can always be improved and get better in security terms. Laravel comes with different security features like:

  • Encryption
  • Protection of Routes
  • Password Reminders and Reset
  • User Authentication
  • Authentication for HTTP
  • Options for Storing Passwords
  • Logging in Users Manually, and so on.

Whenever there is a gap found in the application, it is resolved immediately by the respective maintenance team. Yet, another reason for me to like Laravel more than any other framework.

MVC Architecture to Enhance the Performance

Laravel functions on the MVC architecture – Model View Controller. Which developer wouldn’t want to have a base that allows him to develop seamlessly? Applications for all scales of business – small to big, are easily developed under MVC architecture.

As its name suggests, MVC has three key elements

  • Model: where the entire data along with relevant logic are stored.
  • View: manages the user’s interaction.
  • Controller: controls the interface between Model and View elements.

I have shared an image to explain you MVC architecture in a better way:


Therefore, in my viewpoint, using MVC architecture will only simplify the development process of an application.

The Ease of Authorization and Access Control

Laravel Ease of Authorization


Putting Authorization or access control in simple words means verifying the user’s identity through login credentials provided by him. The role of authorization and access control is to intact the integrity of the data maintained in the database. With Laravel, it becomes a lot easier to authenticate and give access control to the respective users. When a developer sets up authentication in Laravel, it instantly creates a login controller, views, a register, and a user model. Not only this, the developer can expand the functionality considering what kind of application you are working with and what logic has been used. Thus, the ease and convenient use of authorization and access control is yet another feature of the Laravel framework that makes it better than the rest.

Artisan Console

Artisan Console

Laravel owns a command line interface by the name – Artisan. Having such a command-line interface at the time of developing a web application is very beneficial as it makes the entire process faster and easier. It not only simplifies the process but also allows the developers to build up their own personalized commands. Having a set of useful commands to seamlessly develop a web application is on every developer’s wishlist.

The Management of Tasks and Configuration

This is yet another important aspect of Laravel that I have witnessed in my experience. One can easily schedule their tasks, monitor and manage them. For example, if you need to schedule an email prior, the Laravel PHP web framework will help you do so. This happens with the use of the command ‘scheduler’ where each of the tasks is evaluated and executed as per the scheduled time.

Eloquent ORM


ORM stands for object-relational mapper which is otherwise known as ‘Eloquent’ is a part of Laravel. It makes the developer’s experience fun and enjoyable while working on the database. Putting it the other way around, as a developer, you can access the data much faster with Eloquent. Another advantage of using Eloquent is that it strikes off all the compatibility issues like SQL Server, SQLite, and so on. Along with it, it allows the developers to easily switch between the databases.


Laravel is an incredibly flexible platform for building personalized applications, both – web applications and mobile applications. It also consists of various built-in functionalities that allow developers to work with ease. So, keep in mind the aforesaid points to develop a worthy web application and if needed an expert’s assistance, you can reach out to me on- Anmol Rajdev, or contact my team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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