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How Businesses Can Use Instagram Stories to Engage Customers?

Instagram stories became an instant hit and are still roaring high. As a matter of fact, they had about 100 million daily active users during their early days and over 300 million viewers today!

This is perhaps why more and more socially-engaged businesses are looking upon Instagram stories to boost their brand and to promote their products and services. If done right, Instagram stories can help you build loyalty and can even help you in boosting sales!

Quick Recap – What are Instagram Stories?

Put simply, IG stories let you upload posts and videos in your Instagram account that vanish automatically after 24 hours. Further, the content shared in the form of Instagram stories does not even stick around in the main Instagram feed or profile grid.

How Can Businesses Engage their Customers With Instagram Stories?

The idea is simple – since the stories are ephemeral and only last for 24 hours, this gives an easy opportunity to the marketers to play and experiment.

You might use them for giving a quick glimpse of what’s happening behind the scene by sharing your workplace photo or video, or you might demonstrate your product. You can even use Instagram Stories to launch your new product or announce a new event. Further, they are ideal for conducting flash sales and providing limited offers that keep the customers engaged.

With this in mind, let’s have a look on how brands across the world are making use of Instagram stories!

instagram stories for business

(This infographic is designed by 99firms)

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