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How to Integrate Magento Store with eBay and Amazon Marketplaces

In the first quarter of 2021:
283,000 sellers joined Amazon.
eBay reached 187 million active buyers worldwide.



If you run a Magento store and haven’t yet integrated with Amazon/eBay, then you are missing out on a huge market ahead. However, if you are a Magento seller finding ways to integrate your online store with Amazon & eBay, then you are on the correct link!

You may be wondering how beneficial would be the Amazon/eBay integration? Let’s explore each one of them.


Amazon is one of the most preferred and rapidly growing eCommerce platforms since 2004.


Annual net revenue of Amazon from 2004 to 2020(in billion U.S. dollars)

Key Benefits of selling on Amazon

  1. The Popularity of Amazon

With 213.56 Million unique monthly U.S. visitors to Amazon sites. Amazon is the most popular eCommerce app. The huge and trusted customer base makes amazon one of the best platforms for sellers. Brand Visibility, Brand Awareness, store, and trust over the brand/products are counted with Amazon integration.

Integrate Magento Store with eBay and Amazon

2. Growth Potential

Net profit for Amazon was up 84% for the year as compared to last year. Amazon is an eCommerce platform established for decades and still on phenomenal growth. The chances of any new seller growing with the platform are quite high.

“ My business has grown by 9x this year on Amazon.”
Priya Tyagi, Co-founder, Tied Ribbons.

3. Stress-Free Shipment

The shipment policies of amazon never fail to create customer delight. This feature adds a lot of value to sellers as well as the end consumer.

4. Exposure To The Large/Unhunted Demographics

Amazon being a global brand turns your business global as well. You can now get exposure to the new demographics you never traded before.

“Our orders come from places we
haven’t even heard of it.”
Anupam Barman, Asavari Sarees

Integrate Amazon to ebay

Key Benefits of selling on eBay

eBay offers exposure to a huge customer base and has a history of establishing itself as both a user & seller-friendly eCommerce portal. eBay’s revenue in the first quarter of 2021 amounted to over 3.2 billion U.S. Dollars. This represents a 44 percent year-on-year increase. The majority of revenue is generated through transactions, which accounted for 2.72 billion U.S. Dollars in the most recent quarter.

ebay Amazon magento integration

eBay’s revenue from 1st quarter 2014 to 1st quarter 2021 (in million U.S. dollars) © Statistica.

1. Marketplace For the Rare Products

Though eBay is also considered for shopping fast-moving electronic and consumer durables. But is also a go-to place for rare and vintage items.

2. Auction

eBay offers the unique features of Auctioning your product(s). Thus, no product has to occupy your logistics real estate unwantedly.

ebay Amazon magento integration


3. Fast pay-off period

Sellers that market their products on eBay get transactions instantly once customers pay for it.

4.More options to control your listings

eBay offers numerous options for photos, descriptions, and more when setting up a listing. Take advantage of the time they’ve had in the market and leverage their best practices.

How to Integrate Magento Store with eBay and Amazon?

Just like with almost anything related to Magento, you can create a custom solution or use the ready-made extensions for Amazon/eBay Integration.

Community Extensions to Integrate Magento Store with eBay and Amazon

Opting for ready-made extensions for Integration is the most recommended solution. The ready-made solutions are at times free of cost, or even if one opts for a paid plan is still an economical solution than the custom integration.

The ready-made extensions are economical, effective, and instant. Thus, opting for a ready-made extension meets most if not all your business requirements while saving a lot of time and money.

There are many extensions available online which integrate Magento to both eBay as well as Amazon. Some of them are paid and others are charged as per the features. To name some of them are:

  • Codisto Linq Amazon & eBay Integration
  • M2Epro eBay/Amazon integration solution.
  • Holbi eBay and Amazon connector.
  • ChannelUnity Integration
  • 247 CloudHub Multichannel Marketplace Connector
  • Celigo NetSuite Connector
  • CedCommerce Marketplace Extension
  • Deck Commerce Order Management System
  • eDesk Multichannel Helpdesk
  • Omnivore Online Marketplace Integration

To give you an insight on how these extensions work, let’s quickly take a look at one of the extensions, M2E, for reference. After deploying M2E Pro, it won’t take more than 15 minutes to list and manage the entire Magento products catalog on Amazon, eBay & Walmart directly from your Magento dashboard with a click of a button.

Here are a few screenshots of Magento Dashboard post-integration:


Custom Integration to Integrate Magento Store with eBay and Amazon

If you are unable to find a community extension that fits your needs, then you can plan for custom integration. Both eBay and Amazon offer extensive APIs that allow communication with their databases. You may now think of contacting a Magento Developer/Expert for customized integration as per your business needs. The option to go for a custom integration gives you the flexibility to integrate eBay and Amazon in your desired way, however it is also important to know that the same is expensive and is generally involves a time-consuming process.

Key Benefits of using ready-made extensions to Integrate Magento Store with eBay and Amazon

  1. Single-time extension deployment for the platforms Amazon/eBay.
  2. Superfast process. The integration is done in a few minutes after installing the plug-in
  3. Cost-Effective. A few plugins offer free integration for basic features.
  4. Simplifies the integration. Plugins make the integration process super smooth and simplified.
  5. A future-proof solution. The eCommerce trends and technology are ever-evolving. Such plugins are on automatic update process as the integrated platform goes through technical changes.


As you read this line, you would have been super convinced about the simplicity but the compelling need for Amazon/eBay Integration. Further, to add to your thoughts. Let’s adieu with the success story of Isolicht, LED retailers from Austria, witnessed a massive 300% increase in the received order, in a while of integrating their Magento Store to Amazon & eBay.

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