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How To Automate Your Restaurant In 2019

With the rise of advanced technologies and changes in customer behavior dynamics, restauranteurs need to optimize their operations by leveraging automation. Therefore making the restaurant more efficient in its functioning, speed, and economics.

The modern customer has changed a lot and now wants a much more precise and tailor-made restaurant experience. Now the paradox is that this increase in customization needs to be cost-effective and speedy. Thus making the job of restaurants much harder and comprehensive.

Automation is the only way restaurants can survive the onslaught of this new type of customer and changing times. Here is our deep look into emerging technologies like; ‘eCommerce websites, smart reservations, intelligent inventory management, etc.’ To help restaurant businesses transition into the digital age. 

Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering has become irreplaceable in the equation of restaurant automation technology. As the usage of smartphones continue to skyrocket, more and more people are going to use them to place orders. 

Restaurants that start using eCommerce websites and apps are enabled to reach a far wider base of customers. This also increases the chances of increased day-to-day sales. 

Ordering food online gives the customer more control over the ordering process. Being able to avoid human contact reduces the chances of human error while taking the order. This helps restaurants reduce the number of people it staffs, thus reducing the operating costs. 

Automated Billing 

With advances in-restaurant technologies, billing operations have been made faster and easier like never before. Modern POS systems are capable of generating an automated bill as soon as the customer has finished dining.


The bill is created as per the KOT(Kitchen Order Ticket), this eliminates the chances of mixed orders and bills. This automated billing system enables restaurants to cut down on their overhead costs by increasing the efficiency in their day-to-day operations. 

Smart Reservations 

Table reservations are a tedious process thus it is an absolute must for restaurants to automate the process and make it smart. 


By deploying smart eCommerce websites and apps for increased efficiency in the table reservation process, restaurants make sure that they keep their overhead costs low.

Thus restaurants providing detailed virtual overviews of their restaurant must help customers in making smart table reservations. This increase in control and ease of mobility helps in maximizing customer stratification. 

Computerized Accounts 

Accounting is the backbone of any business, but a business that runs on razor-thin margins like a restaurant, it is much more. A computerized solution to your accounting problems can be the difference between a running and closed restaurant.

 Thus by having a centralized database of all the sales data, transactions, etc. available in graphical or tabular forms help you to gain important insight. 

You can also go one step further and integrate your eCommerce websites or apps and POS with your accounting software. Therefore inducing better cohesion between different streams of orders and revenue. 

Intelligent Inventory Management 

An intelligent inventory management system combined with your POS software is a very potent combination. By using an inventory management system, you can keep a precise track of raw materials and other food items.

Some intelligent inventory management systems out there are capable of predicting when the present stock items are going to run out. This advanced analytical learning can help you understand your business and its needs better. 

Thus the automation of one of the most crucial processes in running a restaurant. You can better optimize the restaurant’s operations and maintain a healthy balance sheet. 

Data Analytics 

To optimize your restaurant business, you first need to understand it. This is why it is important to run deep analytics to gain insight. By recording and processing all sales data, transactions, raw material stock, customer saturation, etc. you can predict the future trajectory of your restaurant by understanding its past. 

By analyzing how your customers behave both online and offline will help you design special deals tailor-made for them. This analytical advantage helps you make sure that your customers are always content and satisfied before they even know something is wrong. 

In Conclusion

Now you as a restaurant owner are empowered to make smarter and better decisions regarding your restaurant. By understanding the fundamental changes that are happening in the restaurant industry, you can better equip your eatery for more uncertain futures. 

Thus making sure that you are prepared for any contingency situation that might occur in the industry. By being one step ahead of disruptive technologies you make sure that you guarantee the survival of your business in the long run.  

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