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How do colors affect your brand?

Imagine a world without colors. Isn’t it scary?

From ages, colors have been interlinked with our subconscious, conveying meaning to our brain without words. Color Matters. They are everywhere— Even in branding and marketing.

A Color conveys the ideology of a brand. 42Works implemented a survey to find out the extent to which our purchasing choices are affected. Upon analysis, results were surprising! Check out yourselves how colors play focal role in our day-to-day experiences.



Love and Romance are not the only thing Red symbolizes. “Most of the food chains use red because it increases appetite”. If you are restaurateur, ‘Go Red’ as it is known to increase appetite. Brands also use red to create a sense of urgency and target impulsive shoppers.

Fun Fact- Red is the first color you lose at twilight.

red color brand



Orange is the color for you, if you’re into building landing pages, as it is widely famed for gaining user attention. Play it in your CTA buttons. The color denotes controlled aggression in a brand. Besides, orange also signifies a confident and friendly brand.

Fun Fact- Orange is the color used to set things apart from surroundings. It is used in Life rafts, Hazard cones and high visibility police vests.

orange color brand



Want more eyeballs rolling on your product?

Go Yellow. The color is used to grab the attention of window shoppers. Other than targeting younger audiences, yellow also invites happiness and warmth. Brands also use yellow to portray an energising and optimistic image.

Fun Fact- Yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the spectrum.

yellow color brands



Green has been awarded as the second favorite color with 25% votes after blue with 50%”. From the very ages, green has been universally associated with nature. We would definitely recommend this color to startups because it signifies hope and new growth possibilities.

Fun Fact- Human eyes are most sensitive to green color.

green color brand



Due to its constant linkage with sky and water, blue generates trust among the users. Usually those brands who want to portray their friendly outlook towards customers prefer this color. We also found out that productivity of employees increase in blue offices.

Fun Fact- Least gender specific color. Has equal appeal to both males and females.

blue color brand



Had it not been for purple color, the cosmetics industry would have gone long ago. Associated with beauty and anti-aging products, purple has been an undivided part of this industry . Most of the brands pick this color because of its close-association with royalty and wealth.

Fun Fact- The first colored dye made by man was purple.

purple color brand
INFO1 (2)SEE how colors have been affecting your marketing choices without you noticing it. Now that you have understood how colors act as driving factor behind our subconscious, click here to view our full infographic here.







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