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How An Instagram Advertisement Agency Can Use Stories Better

In the first quarter of 2019, Instagram reported that its feature of stories had reached a new user milestone. What was the milestone you may ask? The answer to that question is that the  stories crossed 500 Million Daily Active Users

Instagram launched ‘Story’ in mid-2016 to much negative reception. Many industry insiders doubted the need for ‘stories’ on a platform like Instagram. But if the current user’s stats are any indication, then we can say that stories are winning. As a result, an Instagram advertisement agency that wants to become the best digital marketing agency needs stories in their strategy. 

Therefore, it is not enough for an online marketing agency to just know how Story works. Now they need to know how to extract the most value out of this brilliant feature. Thus, let us take a look at a few tips that help you with the same down below: 

An Instagram Advertisement Agency Needs To Give Story A KISS

KISS or ‘Keep It Simple & Short’ is a design philosophy that evolved in the 1960s at the design bureau of the US Navy. The core principle behind this design philosophy was clear, a designer must avoid over-complexity at all costs. 

An Instagram advertisement agency can learn and incorporate KISS in its designs. Stories are a very different medium of content delivery. Unlike the others in Stories, you have two time-bound limitations. The first limitation being the fifteen seconds one-time viewing window, and the second limitation is that your story only stays on Instagram for 24 hours. 

These restrictions force you to think outside the box in terms of the story design. The following are a few points to keep in mind while incorporating KISS in your Story: 

  • You don’t have a lot of space, thus keep your sentences short and concise. 
  • Don’t over complicate your story message. Keep it straight, and punchy.   
  • Avoid too many contrasting design elements.

An Instagram Advertisement Agency Must Integrate Brand Image With Stories 

Stories are a critical aspect of your presence on Instagram. As a result, it must be the priority of a good Instagram advertisement agency to build your brand reach with stories. Calculated and strategic use of stories can help in increasing your brand awareness.   

Instagram advertisement agency

It doesn’t matter how amazing content you are creating as long as people don’t attribute that content with your brand as it has no utility. Therefore, you must make sure to add your brand logo and tagline in your story content. Also, make sure that no other design element overshadows your brand logo’s prominence. 

First Impression Is The Last Impression

Story is fundamentally different from all other modes of communication on Instagram. On Story, you only have a limited window of fifteen seconds to say or show what you have to. An Instagram advertisement agency needs to make stories that start with a bang & grab user attention.  

Instagram advertisement agency

Users tend to pay more attention to stories that are visually vibrant & eye-grabbing. Therefore, an online marketing company should prioritize their Story design. The following are a few ways you can make your story design more attractive: 

  • Use bright colors.
  • Make use of easily understandable typography. 
  • Add sounds that complement the content in your story.
  • Write a strong Call To Action. 

Influencers Are Icing On The Cake 

Instagram influencers are all the rage in digital marketing at the moment. Influencers act as a megaphone that amplifies your brand marketing efforts on the platform. On Instagram, you can pretty much integrate Influencers pretty much everywhere. Thus, why should you leave behind Story? 

Instagram advertisement agency

An Instagram advertisement agency should seek out potential brand-influencer collaborations and integrate them into Story content. As a result of partnering with a popular Influencer on Instagram, your Story will get a boost in viewership. This boost will then incentivize the Instagram algorithm to push your content to more as it already has plenty of traction.  

In Conclusion

An Instagram advertisement agency has a tremendous marketing tool in the form of Story. If used correctly and decisively Stories can work wonders for building a robust brand presence on Instagram.   

Any business that wants to propel its brand credibility on Instagram and build a strong following must partner with an experienced online marketing company for its growth strategy. 

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