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‘Tis the Season for Sales: 3 Multi-Channel Holiday Marketing Strategies to Unbox Profits

The joy of holidays is fostered by love, care, and emotions.

Apparently, what’s holiday season for everyone else is the busiest time for business owners. ‘Tis the season to seize profits. Holidays have been a boon to retailers and the fact that vendors earn an average of $50 billion on Black Fridays and $2.29 billion on Cyber Mondays justifies it perfectly.

A 2018 holiday ecommerce survey by BigCommerce revealed that 56.88% brands see their sales taking a big leap of around 25% in Q4 because of the seasonal uptick from holidays.

But the quesion is: What can your business do to attract more spending customers, increase sales and beat the competition this holiday season?

To help your business strategize and execute a successful holiday campaign, here are three evergreen holiday campaign strategies with profitable add-ons that will light up your sales tree in no time.

1. Use Ad Extensions to Drive Holiday Traffic through PPC

Paid advertising is one of the fastest and most effective method to grow your website traffic during holidays. But the  competition is tough as it’s raining holiday based PPC campaigns for 2018 since last year! (You are way too late 😞)

But thanks to Google, you might have a saving grace in Ad Extensions.

According to Google,

Extensions expand your ad with additional information—giving people more reasons to choose your business. They increase an ad’s click-through-rate by several percentage points.”

BINGO! Increasing your CTR is a surefire way to generate more sales and a better return on investment. Secondly, ad extensions gives you more real estate to free up your copy to create the best possible call to actions.

The best part – They don’t cost a single cent to add to your campaign!

2. Harness the Power of Social Media Polls

A recent survey by Wunderman revealed that 79% of consumers prefer brands that “understand and care” about them.

Social media polls are one of the best tools to gain quick insight into customer preferences which is a must if you want to nail the holiday sales.

Polls allow you to ask your target audience for direct feedback on products. In turn, you gain insights over customer experience while letting your users know that their opinion is valued.

3. Get Persistent Profits through Flash Sale Newsletters

Email marketing and holidays go hand in hand.

Holiday email marketing is a big driver of the seasonal sales boom. According to Mailcharts, email marketing is responsible for 20% of holiday sales. If you do the math, that means email marketing alone brings in billions of dollars in revenue for businesses each year.

holiday email marketing - black friday

Adding to this mix a cup full of flash sales makes your newsletters THE winning recipe.

Flash sales bring an average of 35% lift in transaction rates. Giving and sharing is always admired in the holiday season. Customers like to get in the action for what’s called the “last minute” or “limited time” deals driving a large audience to your site and incentivize viewers to purchase non-sale products, as well.

Along with increased revenue, flash sales can help your ecommerce business get rid of excess inventory and stabalize your existing inventory. Most importantly, flash sales often drive a large audience to your site and incentivize viewers to purchase non-sale products, as well.

The Takeaway: Gift your Customers with an Omni-Channel Experience

Every business, big or small, is striving hard to attract more customers and secure most sales. What can make your brand stand out from the rest is employing the above omni-channel marketing startegies.

Consumers expect to receive a consistent experience, whether they’re in a store, browsing gifts online, reading emails, or engaging with social media. Multi-channel holiday marketing can help you provide your customers with a seamless and cohesive experience with your brand, thus gaining you their attention and utimately, the SALES!!

Need our reindeers to run your marketing sledge this holidays? Get in touch with us today.


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