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Everything You Need To Know About Google Site Kit

With the release of Google Site Kit on WordPress, the silicon valley tech giant has given small to medium businesses tremendous powers. Site Kit is a WordPress plugin that draws deep-insight about the traffic on one’s website through a multitude of Google products. 

The Site Kit plugin is a big deal not because it is a central analytical console giving businesses more information. Google being a driver of global internet traffic, the insight offered by site kit will be unparalleled.  

Google had been hinting at the debut of Site Kit since December 2018. Back in June, Google released a BETA version for the website design and development community, before making it available worldwide.   

Google Site Kit In A Nutshell

Google Site Kit is a one-stop solution for any WordPress website developer to link multiple Google services. These services include; ‘AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, Analytics, and Search Console. The aim of the site kit plugin to create a dashboard-view of multiple data-streams like, ‘audience, revenue, page performance, etc.’  

Google in a statement has said that this is just the beginning and the capabilities of the site kit plugin will be increased. This increase in potency will be done by expanding the number of platforms integrated into the site kit plugin.  

Different Version-Configurations 

  • BETA Version – When Site Kit was still in its BETA phase, it required advanced-knowledge of website design and development. Additionally, it required a deep understanding of Google Cloud Platform as well as OAuth. 

Now to make it more suitable for general public use, Google has it on its plugin to make it easier to use. With its general user configurations, Site Kit can now verify ownership of a website for analytics without having to touch in its core code.   

  • Stable Version – With the launch of the plugin, it is now capable of providing notifications like – ‘At-a-glance data snapshots, visitor milestone, etc.’ Site Kit can also segregate the performance of different pages on a single website. This is done by isolating different performance indicators like – the ‘number of clicks, impressions, user sessions, traffic locations, etc.’ 

Google Site Kit – Data Integration

Google Site Kit is a data-driven WordPress plugin meant to deliver comprehensive insights about the performance of a website. These insights are made possible by integrating multiple streams of data into one potent dashboard.  

Site Kit plugin enables WordPress site owners to track their website’s performance on Google Chrome. Moreover, it can keep a check on the speed of their website and optimize if need be, by analyzing data from PageSpeed Insights. It is now easier to monetize your WordPress website on Google’s Ad network due to the site kit’s easy AdSense integration.   

WordPress – Ownership & Development Made Easy

The hassle of owning, managing, and/or developing a WordPress has been greatly reduced by Site Kit. Coming from Google itself, data migration and connection are no longer problems to be concerned with.  

It is worth revealing that there indeed are multiple third-party services that replicate Site Kit’s functionality. But they are often subscription-based and offer very little value to justify their cost when compared to Site Kit which is open-source. These third-party solutions are also cumbersome to use as they require you to tamper with the core-code of your website. 

Site Kit is path-breaking for those small-to-medium business owners who are manually keeping track of multiple Google services and their analytics. This standalone integration of multiple Google apps and services into one dashboard plugged into WordPress is bound to greatly ease things.  

In Conclusion 

Google with the introduction of Site Kit plugin on WordPress has made the lives of numerous website owners and developers easy. Another feather in the cap of Site Kit is the fact that it is completely open-source. 

These developments even though great on their own, send a message that is interesting, to say the least. Google in 2019 has made a flurry of new announcements that have shaken multiple sub-sections of the search-industry.

Businesses looking to leverage these sweeping changes in the algorithm and more must partner with skilled website design and development agencies to create robust products and tag along experienced digital marketing agencies to propel them further.

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